Mauricio Pochettino offers update on Christopher Nkunku’s injury

Mauricio Pochettino offers update on Christopher Nkunku’s injury: Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Chelsea, has acknowledged that he is hoping Christopher Nkunku has escaped significant knee damage after walking off injured during a recent friendly against Borussia Dortmund.

Mauricio Pochettino offers update on Christopher Nkunku's injury

Nkunku had a wonderful pre-season, but his last game was cut short. This is when he fell down in the box midway through the first half, eventually walking off the pitch with a knee injury.

Mauricio Pochettino offers update on Christopher Nkunku’s injury

With only ten days until Chelsea’s Premier League start against Liverpool, supporters are naturally apprehensive to see their new arrival wearing a knee brace, and Pochettino confirmed that additional testing on Nkunku’s injury will be necessary. Jurgen Klopp confirms extent of Alexis Mac Allister injury against Bayern Munich

“The doctors are checking him, hopefully it is not a big issue but when he fell in the action maybe it was a penalty,” Pochettino explained.

“But he feels something in his knee, but hopefully it is not a big issue and that he can be quick with the team. Now we need a few days to assess him and until we get back to London it is difficult to know.”

Pochettino felt Nkunku’s injury was more down to bad luck.

“I didn’t see the action but it is not about complaining,” he began. “Always we take some risks because the pitch is not perfect because they are using it for different sports and that is sometimes the risk of the tour, yes.

“But I think it was a bit unlucky in the situation but we cannot complain about the pitch and to blame the pitch for why he suffered the injury. For me it was bad luck.”

Pochettino has assured Chelsea fans that they will be ready to face Liverpool in the season opener on August 13.

“Should be ready,” he said. “It is not an option. There is only one option, to be ready and we are going to be ready. Chelsea agree fee with Brighton over Robert Sanchez

“Today we play a brilliant game, I think it was an exciting game against a very good team like Dortmund. I think we deserved to win but it’s not about the result, it’s about the feelings and performance and I think when we scored with Mason [Burstow] at the end it was a relief. I think to go back to the feeling, to lose the game was unfair.


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