How To Make a Gravity Bong ( Step by step)

Cannabis smoking using a gravity bong is entertaining and different. Additionally, making your own is really simple. You can easily create your own gravity bong with a few everyday objects; just be sure to use it in an area where smoking is permitted.

A gravity bong is a device used to smoke smokable substances like cannabis. It is also referred to as a GB, geebie, bucket bong, grav, geeb, yoin, jib, buckie, or ghetto bong. Since both employ water and air pressure to pull smoke, the term can be used to describe both bucket bongs and waterfall bongs. A lung employs similar machinery, but removes a compressed plastic bag or something similar from the chamber to extract the smoke therein rather than using water.

Two containers make up the bucket bong, the bigger of which has an open top and is filled with water. The smaller fits within the larger and features a connected bowl and an open bottom. The user must raise the little container after lighting the bowl to create a pressure difference. Until the user removes the bowl and breathes in the contents, smoke gradually fills the tiny jar. To Make a Gravity Bong

A bong with a waterfall is made up of just one container. To allow for simple water drainage, the container must include a bowl and a little hole close to the base. Air is driven through the bowl as the water exits the container, causing the drug to burn and build up smoke inside the bong.

Here are the 13 steps for making an amazing on how to make gravity bong. but first, you will need some things ; 

  • Plastic container 
  • Plastic container or bucket 
  • Knife 
  • Scissors 
  • Metalized foil 
  • Paper clip or toothpick 
  • Marijuana 

If you’ve got all these things, then let’s get a move on… 

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1.  Find An Empty Plastic Bottle 

You can use an empty water bottle or a liter of cola. You can use any bottle size, however, bear in mind that gravity bong hits will be stronger with larger bottles. 

A little plastic container should do the trick if you’re smoking by yourself. If you’re sharing cigarettes with several individuals, you might want a big plastic bottle. 

Make sure the bottle you use can fit inside a bucket or a bigger, second plastic bottle. 

2.  Take Of The Cap And Cover The Mouth Piece With Aluminum  Foil.

Avoid wrapping the mouthpiece in aluminum foil too firmly. Later, when you’re using the gravity bong, you’ll need to take it off. The aluminum foil needs to be wrapped around the opening completely.  

3.  Tiny Holes In The Aluminium Foil Over The Mouth Piece Poke

To create the holes, use anything thin, such as the end of a paper clip or a toothpick. Avoid drilling too many holes or making the holes too large to prevent the marijuana from falling into the gravity bong. Just a few holes are required so that the cannabis smoke can descend inside the bottle.  

4.  Cut The Bottom Of An Empty Plastic Bottle

To begin, carefully pierce the bottle with a knife between 2.5 and 5.1 cm (1-2 inches) from the bottom. The bottom of the bottle can then be removed by sticking a pair of scissors into the incision you just created and cutting straight around the bottle. Recycle the bottom of the bottle and set the top aside for now.  

You will add water to this container. Another plastic bottle that is larger than the first one can also be used. If so, simply remove the bottle’s neck to make the rim and body the same size.  

5.   Find A Bucket Or Plastic Container That is Slightly Larger Than The Bottle. 

You will add water to this container. Another plastic bottle that is larger than the first one can also be used. If so, simply remove the bottle’s neck to make the rim and body the same size.  

6.  Fill The Larger Plastic Container With Water.

Water can be warm or cold. You should almost completely fill the container, leaving 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) between the water’s surface and the rim.

7.  Put The Bottle In a Container.

The open bottom of the bottle should be at the bottom of the container, and the neck and mouthpiece of the bottle should be at the top above the water. If water is covering the mouthpiece, you’re pushing the bottle too far down in the container. 

8. Over The Foil Holes Scatter Some Ground Up Marijuana.

The cannabis can be broken up with your fingers or ground up with a grinder. Avoid over-pulverizing it to prevent the bits from falling through the gaps.  

  • In order to prevent the cannabis from falling off the foil, steady the plastic bottle with one hand as you place it on the foil. 

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9.  Light The Cannabis While Slowly Lifting Up The Bottle 

As a result, smoke will start to accumulate in the bottle. Lift the bottle up with one hand while holding the lighter in the other. While lifting the bottle, keep the flame alight on the marijuana. 

10. Keep Lifting The Bottle Until The Bottom Is Almost Out Of The Water.

  The smoke will all escape if you remove the container completely from the water. The bottle should now be completely filled with smoke at this point. 

11. Take Off The Aluminium Foil And Put Your Mouth On The Bottle.

Smoke may escape when the foil is removed. That’s perfectly right; just remember not to squeeze the bottle too hard or the smoke will all escape.

12.  Light The Cannabis While Slowly Lifting Up The Bottle. 

The smoke inside the bottle will be forced out and into your lungs as you press it down into the container. Avoid pressing down too quickly to avoid inhaling too much smoke. Push down and keep inhaling until all of the smoke has been expelled from the bottle.  

Take your mouth off the bottle if you feel like you can’t inhale any more smoke. 

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13.  Exhale The Smoke From Your Lungs Slowly.

 You can take another hit or press down on the plastic container to clear any remaining smoke. Put the aluminum foil back on, add more cannabis to it, then use your gravity bong once more after that. 

Are gravity bongs more potent than other smoking techniques?

Yes, to answer briefly. In contrast to the typical hit from a pipe or joint, gravity bongs pump extremely concentrated smoke into your lungs, filling them to capacity. You are literally taking in the smoke from a whole bowl of marijuana when you inhale the contents of the smokey bottle into your lungs.

Gravity bongs are therefore definitely not for the weak of the heart. Old-school cannabis users have a tried-and-true technique of consumption: gravity bongs. Gravity bong-er beware; they give a potent THC dose that can be too much for a novice cannabis user.


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