How To Upgrade JAMB UTME Result In 2023

Following the publication of the 2023 JAMB UTME results, students have been asking if they can Upgrade their low JAMB score in order to meet the requirements of the institution of their choice.

On forums, social networking sites, and through any other methods available, scam “artists” are also disseminating false testimonials on how UTME applicants might increase their score.

How To Upgrade JAMB UTME Result In 2023
NGS Sholars

Answer this straightforward question honestly before you shell out a fortune to boost your 2023 JAMB UTME score. How many enhanced results, if any, have you already seen, if any upgrading is possible? If outcomes could be upgraded, I’m confident there wouldn’t be another UTME failure.

The good news is that UTME scores can never be upgraded.

Here are some samples of the many text types these con artists use:

If you want to improve your score, call Mr. Frank at 081********. He will help you the same way he helped me. God bless Mr. Frank. I just saw my jamb result and it was 160, so I was hopeless. I found Mr. Frank’s number online.

Released is the 2016 UTME.Checking troublesome for you? Drop your REG. NO. off here to get it checked at no charge.You can improve WITHELD results and results that are under 180/200 to either a 213, 235, or 249 score.applicants can phone 070******** exclusively between the hours of 8am and 6pm for more information, or they can add the BBM pin 2******* to view samples of other applicants’ upgraded results.

NOTE: Upgrading of results cannot be possible after JAMB has sent list of its successful candidates to their various institutions for POST UME.

All thanks to Mr Dele for helping me to upgrade my JAMB last year if not for his help i would not have been in school now,so to all jamb candidates if you seek for a real jamb official who can help you upgrade your jamb just contact Mr Dele On 081********

Thanks to Mr David for helping me upgrading my jamb he is very genuine if I can say he is a true helper if u need his help call him on 081********

Jamb Official”]This Is a Very Important
Information to all jambites who scored below
180. From our database, we found out that
there was a massive failure this year, so due
to this problem we are helping some students
in upgrading their jamb result, so therefore If
you are Interested in upgrading your Jamb
result, call office on 081******** Mr ola

Some of these messages must have already caught your attention. Never even bother to contact these guys for help when you notice anything resembling upgrading. They are louts and cowards that wish to steal your hard-earned money.

How To Upgrade JAMB UTME Result In 2023
Drug Savant
How To Upgrade JAMB UTME Result In 2023
Drug Savant

JAMB Result after upgrade

I know you may be seeing these images and be tempted to ask if they are real, well, that is the essence of today’s write-up, keep reading diligently for details

Paying between N5,000 and N10,000 to con artists to upgrade your UTME result will result in nothing being done in the end, so avoid becoming a double loser.

Accept your score as it is. Go sue JAMB (lol) if you think you deserve more than what you have.

Share your thoughts on the upgrading of JAMB UTME results issue in the comment area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Upgrade my JAMB 2023 score?

NO, you cannot upgrade your JAMB result after writing the exam; any internet advertisements or articles that claim otherwise are scams that are only after your money. BEWARE!

JAMB upgrade: Is it real?

The only JAMB Upgrade that is actually achievable is one that you alone can carry out. Not something a third party can perform, as I have explained here.

In conclusion

JAMB Upgrade is not real and is a scam, please run from anyone who claim they can help you with this, their interest is only in your Pocket, not to assist you.

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