Daddy Freeze reveals why he prefers marrying a witch to a prayerful Wife

Daddy Freeze reveals why he prefers marrying a witch to a prayerful Wife: Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, is a controversial media figure. He has explained why he would rather marry a witch than a prayerful woman.

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Opeyemi, his estranged wife, was not “a praying wife,” he claimed. He claimed that since he does not require a praying wife, it did not concern him.

He said that even though he only prays for five minutes a day, he still receives messages from God

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Speaking, Daddy Freeze stated lately in a video message posted on his Instagram page:

“They said a woman that prays is a valuable asset. Not to me because I can pray for myself. I walk with God in such a way that I pray five minutes a day and I get everything I asked for. Because I am always hearing from God.

“So, I don’t need a praying wife. Instead of giving me a praying wife, give me witch or a mermaid that will be useful in other areas. Leave that praying to me. I am a spirit. I don’t need a praying wife. Even my ex was never really a praying wife. If it’s prayer, she just started now. She was never a praying wife and it didn’t matter to me.”

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