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2024 Best Online Schools for Engineering

2024 Best Online Schools for Engineering: Engineers have created the infrastructure that supports our modern life throughout history, from the printing press to the skyscraper. Owing to the complexity of this field, each prospective student’s path to an online bachelor’s degree in engineering may be unique.

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All engineers, though, rely on math and science to construct tools, solve issues, and figure out how to bring scientific and technical advancements to life—skills that these degree programs can help you hone.

What is an Engineering Degree?

A STEM degree that incorporates business, science, and math classes is an engineering degree. In your first year of study, you could study the foundations and ideas of general engineering before selecting from a variety of specializations in your second year. The coursework consists of electives, major core classes, and general core classes. Lessons are taught through lab work, in-person or online classes, and experiential learning opportunities like internships.

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The following are typical outcomes for engineering students:

  • utilizing science, math, and engineering knowledge to recognize and resolve complicated engineering challenges
  • Developing sound and secure solutions that are good for the environment and people
  • Effectively communicating and exhibiting leadership abilities
  • Working in a morally and professionally accountable manner
  • Functioning as a cooperative and contributing team member

Majors in Engineering

Engineering is a general word that covers several techniques for problem-solving, product and process design, and analysis. Prospective students have a broad range of engineering majors to choose from because engineering skills can be applied to a variety of fields. Offering eight or more different types of online engineering degrees in a variety of specializations, including nuclear, agricultural, petroleum, and environmental engineering, is not unusual for an engineering college.

The following are among the most sought-after engineering specialties:

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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

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These are just a few examples, and there are many more specialized fields within engineering as well. Each major focuses on different aspects of technology, science, and mathematics to solve real-world problems in various industries and applications.

2024 Best Online Schools for Engineering
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An overview of engineering degrees offered online

Ensuring the safety of the global water supply, enhancing the nation’s transportation infrastructure, and creating prosthetic limbs all necessitate the expertise of engineers. Online engineering programs come in a variety of forms for students who wish to pursue careers in everything from public safety to building structures and developing computer systems.

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Undergraduates pursuing an engineering bachelor’s degree online are typically required to complete 120–126 credit hours, which can be completed in as short as four years of full-time attendance. In order to obtain practical experience in their chosen field, students enrolled in online engineering courses are frequently required to complete projects. In addition to Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Engineering degrees, several programs lead to a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

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2024 Best Online Schools for Engineering

1. Excelsior University

A private, nonprofit university located in New York, Excelsior College offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology – Electronics program to help students get ready for careers in electrical and related engineering technology. To graduate, students need to complete 124 credit hours, which typically requires four years of full-time enrollment.

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Excelsior’s online learning management system is called Canvas. Students studying electrical engineering technology online have access to a variety of courses, including computer programming, digital electronics, circuit theory, and microprocessors. To graduate, students must finish an Integrated Technology Assessment capstone project.

2. Liberty University

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology program at Liberty University (LU), a private, Evangelical Christian university, is entirely online, helping students get ready for a job creating products that assist companies increase productivity, profitability, and quality. Students enrolled full-time typically need 3.5 years to finish this 120-credit degree. Similar graduation requirements apply to both of LU’s fully online Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics – Engineering and its partially online Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, which does need some on-campus work.

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Canvas is the online learning platform used by LU. Online industrial engineering students must finish their Electrical Systems, Six Sigma, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning courses in order to graduate.

3. American Public University System

American Public University System (APUS), a private, for-profit university, is well-known for its curriculum designed with working professionals in mind. It offers an online Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering program that combines remote classroom education with practical experience. It takes eight to sixteen weeks of coursework to get 120 credits toward graduation, and typically fewer than four years of full-time enrollment. Students can transfer up to 90 credits into the electrical engineering degree at APUS because to its flexible transfer policy.

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For its remote learners, APUS uses Brightspace to deliver instruction. Undergraduate students studying electrical engineering online take classes in communication systems, engineering instrumentation and measurements, electromagnetic field theory, and discrete mathematics. To graduate, students must also finish their senior project.

4. Arizona State University

Depending on your interests, Arizona State University (ASU), a sizable public university, offers an online Bachelor of Science in Engineering – Mechanical Engineering or an online Bachelor of Science in Engineering – Electrical Engineering. It is well-known for its extensive online program. To graduate, each must complete 120 credits, which full-time students may finish in around four years. Furthermore, ASU provides a unique online Bachelor of Science in Human Systems Engineering curriculum that combines engineering and psychology.

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Canvas is how ASU remote learners access their classes. Engineering distant learners enroll in courses including System Dynamics and Control, Applied Experimental Statistics, Digital Design Fundamentals, and Random Signal Analysis, depending on their major.

5. DeVry University

An online Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology program is available from DeVry University, a private, for-profit college, to assist students in honing their application and execution abilities for systems, processes, and technical operations. A full-time student may complete the 126 credit hours needed for graduation in just over 2.5 years, particularly if they apply their prior transfer credits toward this degree.

DeVry provides online education and coursework using Canvas. Classes in Automation and Control, Systems and Computer Aided Designs, Signals and Systems, and Process Improvement using Machine Learning are among those in which remote learning students studying engineering technology participate. To graduate, students must also finish a senior project and classes that prepare them for careers.

FAQs & Answers

1. Can One Get an Online Engineering Degree?

Many bachelor’s programs in engineering are 100% online. Some might have asynchronous online classes but need some laboratory work to be done in person. Others, like aerospace engineering, have extremely limited online resources due to the extensive lab work and huge equipment required.

2. Which Degree Is Required to Become an Engineer?

The majority of entry-level engineering positions require a bachelor’s degree in the engineering specialty mentioned in the job description. However, there is considerable overlap because a wide range of engineering specialties impart comparable technical and soft abilities. An industrial, systems, or electrical bachelor’s degree, for instance, might be required by a job posting for systems engineering.

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