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How To Respond To A “What’s Good” Question

How To Respond To A “What’s Good” Question: If you’re socially uncomfortable or shy, you may not know how to react to some slang expressions like “what’s good.” We’ll fill you in on the details and teach you how to respond to “what’s good?” question without embarrassing yourself beyond belief. People say “what’s good” a lot, whether they realize it or not. After understanding what it implies and after taking into account your current circumstances, responding to it is rather straightforward.

How To Respond To A What's Good Question

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As you go about your day, you hear a ping: “What’s good?” was sent to you. This straightforward query is a unique approach to ask, “What’s up?” or “How are you?” and may appear in several contexts. Whether a friend, member of your family, or a match from a dating app contacts you, we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover how to answer “What’s good?” no matter how you’re feeling.

First, we shall define “what’s good?” before examining 20 alternative ways to answer it.

FAQs & Answers on How To Respond To A “What’s Good” Question

1. What if I reply “what’s good” to a person that asks “whats good” as a question?

It depends on the context in which it’s asked. Generally, you would reply with an answer of what’s good in your life or in the current situation. How To Be A Clean Person (10 Great Ways)

2. Lets say my one of my haters tell me “What’s good”. what should be my response?

Hit he/she with a “Your opinion doesn’t matter to me”

3. My girlfriend cheated, then texts me after 2 weeks with a “what’s good” what should I say?

That’s a tough one. It all depends on your feelings about the situation and your relationship. If you’re still hurt by her cheating, it might be best to let her know that you aren’t ready to talk yet. On the other hand, if you want to open the lines of communication and give things another try, it might be best to let her know that you’re still here for her and that you’re willing to work through what happened if she is.

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Does “What’s up” and “What’s good” have the same meaning?

No, “What’s good?” and “What’s up?” do not mean the same thing. “What’s up” is usually a casual greeting, while “What’s good?” is usually asking what someone is doing or what they have been up to recently. Business Operations Manager Job Description

What’s excellent, a friend or relative could ask. “, you should observe their behavior when they are saying it. When asked, “What’s good? “while still moving signifies that they are welcoming you and not starting a discussion. If they respond, “What’s good? “, and have them stop, or send it over text, it’s likely that they want to talk. Data Analyst Job Description

If you don’t take note of these details, you can come out as dismissive and harsh, or you might attempt to start an uncomfortable discussion. How to answer the question, “What’s good? When a friend or family member uses the phrase “in ten distinct ways, along with their meanings:

How To Respond To A “What’s Good” Question

1. Nothing much, how about you?”

When you don’t have a lot planned for the day but still want to find out how your friend or relative who asked the inquiry is doing, you may utilize this strategy. This works well when the other person makes it clear that they want to talk to you. How about you? signals your desire in conversing with the other person. How To Shrink Leggings (All you need to Know)

2. “Why? What did you hear?”

The other person has to hear you say this in a suspicious-sounding tone for them to see the comedy in your answer. Kind of like you’re a star and your pal is watching the newest gossip or news.

3. “Just keeping track of the time till the weekend!”

It is best to utilize this with a buddy who has a comparable hectic schedule, preferably one from work. It is a technique to express that you are worn out and eager for some much-needed rest. How To Fray Shorts (The Ultimate Guide)

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4. Oh, nothing special! The usual!”

When nothing out of the norm is happening, this is another excellent option to employ. Keep in mind how this differs from number one where the question is answered. Use this while speaking “in passing,” or when the exchange is meant to be quick.

5. “Living the dream!”

Use this one when your week is going well or when something positive occurred to you that day. It’s simply another way of expressing how happy you are.

6. “Not me, it’s been a tough week.”

When a friend or member of your family asks, “What’s good?” and you respond, “Not me,” it is obvious that you are not excellent. When you mention that you’ve had a difficult week, people tend to inquire about your problems or give supportive remarks.

7. “Hey, I’ve been doing better.”

When your day isn’t going well and you want to explain what’s making it “not good,” this is a smart option. It’s likely that your friend or family will respond with words of encouragement. How To Crochet A Granny Square

8. “What’s happening?”

Although you were certainly taught as a child not to reply to a question with another question, it happens very often. Since it also serves as a greeting, it is OK to use this as a passing answer.

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9. “You look amazing today!”

When you wish to congratulate a friend or member of your family, use this. Even better, utilize it to make your crush feel special by flirting with him or her.

10. “I’m good. Thanks for asking.”

This is a nice way to respond to a stranger. You didn’t respond to the question, therefore it’s clear that you aren’t interested in continuing the conversation.

I’m hoping the stranger will get the message and go. You could always add “What’s good with you?” at the end if you don’t mind them.

11. “Certainly not in this weather.”

When you are in the same area with a stranger and don’t mind making small chat, utilize this. The weather is a topic that is easy to discuss and isn’t very serious. How to clean silver jewelry at home

This reaction will only be effective under unfavorable weather conditions, such as on days that are very hot or rainy.

12. “The wings, you should try them.”

You may do this to deflect their attention if you’re not trying to be harsh but you don’t want to chat to a flirtatious stranger. Of course, depending on where you are, the idea may not necessarily be wings.

You may recommend some muffins at a coffee shop, for instance, and then leave. If the stranger seems a little too at ease speaking to you, you may even mention “the quiet.”

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13. “What’s it like for you?”

If you wish the stranger to leave or to stop talking to you, use this answer. Hey, it may come out as a bit cruel, but that’s one method to scare those guys off. Data Scientist Job Description

14. “Nothing, chilling.”

Although it may come out as frigid, this answer will suffice. The fact that the question is not answered will signal to the other person that you don’t want to talk.

15. “How have you been?”

You may use this reaction if you don’t feel like talking about how you’re feeling but don’t mind listening to other people. Additionally, it’s an effective strategy to divert attention from oneself, particularly if you’re being approached by a crowd.

16. “Hello, good to hear from you! Want to get together?”

Make it clear that you prefer to speak with them in person. In certain cases, it’s simpler to explain your situation in person. If you get a message from a buddy you haven’t seen in a while or even an ex, use this answer. System Analyst Job Description

  • I appreciate you getting in touch, but I seldom send texts. Do you want to have a drink or something?”
  • Long time no talk. Would you want to meet tonight? We have a lot to talk about.
  • “I was just considering you! Would you be interested in getting some ice cream?

17. “What do you mean?”

If you don’t understand their query, ask them to explain. It’s OK to inquire directly what they mean when they ask “what’s excellent,” which might be a question of friendship or have a bad connotation. To get you both on the same page, ask or say something straightforward.

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Things you should know

  • Tell them what you’re doing and then inquire, “How are you doing? for a warm, informal response.
  • If you’re messaging someone you’re crushing on, reply with a lighthearted or clever joke.
  • If you want to have a deeper discussion with someone you trust, be honest about how you’re feeling.

Conclusion on How to respond to a What’s good question

The greatest approach to reply when someone asks “What’s Good” is to list the enjoyable things you are doing or the good things that are occurring in your life. You might also share something exciting you are looking forward to or intriguing fact about yourself. The ideal answer will ultimately be customized to the questioner and will reflect the context and tone of your interaction.


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