Omah Lay Opens Up on what put Him in a Bad Mental State

Omah Lay Opens Up on what put Him in a Bad Mental State: Popular Nigerian musician Stanley Omah Didia, better known by his stage name Omah Lay, disclosed on the most recent edition of the Afrobeats Podcast that his unexpected rise to popularity had an adverse effect on his mental state. EnoughInfo.com

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He said that he initially found fame difficult, but eventually he regained his balance.

Omah Lay Opens Up on what put Him in a Bad Mental State

The musician Said,

“It was a jump; at first I struggled, and it put me in a bad mental state because I was still trying to learn my ways. However, with time, I got more comfortable and learned that I’m running my race and that I should move at my own pace.

“There was pressure. You don’t expect to move from one crappy laptop or spending all your life in the studio to being a global superstar. It’s just like they brought you from just starting music production to this right here (points at equipment in the studio): ‘You go lost.’

“As soon as I learned and realised that, I became much stronger and started to enjoy my life more.”

He said that he has no problem talking about his weaknesses in public.

“If I can put my vulnerabilities in my song, then I can talk about them. My music is all about my real-life experiences, and I know everybody in the world is listening to it.”

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