The Group asks Tinubu to make Political Appointments Nationwide.

The group asks Tinubu to make political appointments nationwide. : President Bola Tinubu has been asked to distribute political posts around the nation’s states by an APC supporter organization. The organization urged the president to choose appointees who will represent the whole South-West while looking beyond his political allies in Lagos. EnoughInfo.com

The South-West APC Support Group’s National Coordinator, Otunba Dele Fulani, revealed the request in a statement headlined “Dangers of Lagosising the South-West” that was released in Abuja on Tuesday. How To Waterproof A Wound For Swimming

Group asks Tinubu to make political appointments nationwide.
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Fulani remarked that the bulk of the presidential appointments made public so far have excluded party loyalists from other states and the South-West, which is a developing trend that his organization has seen. How To Get Fiberglass Out Of Clothes(Ultimate Guide)

The group declared, “We have watched with utter dismay the terrible situation at the president where most positions are being filled by ‘Lagos boys’. If this tendency is not reversed, the Southwest might become the first flashpoint of the Tinubu government, which we, the Southwest APC Support organizations, are compelled to warn.

“We hereby wish to draw President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s attention to this ugly development and to state that other States in the region find it totally intolerable that politicians from Lagos State are perceived to be the ones taking all the benefits that accrue to the entire Southwest, as Lagos is not the only State in the Southwest. How To Write An Effective Cover Letter

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The bulk of those around Mr. President are all Lagos politicians, according to a quick review of the appointments made thus far under this government. Even though they might not all be natives, these politicians have made Lagos their primary political base and have played all of their political games there. How To Get Paint Off Vinyl Floors(The Ultimate Guide)

“When we look at the 20 aides that Mr. President just appointed, we can certainly count on our fingers only around 13 of those who are stationed in Lagos. Another piece of evidence in this direction is the entry of Akinwunmi Ambode, the former governor of Lagos, as one of the candidates for the position of minister. This is inappropriate. Making this government a Lagos-only operation is not appropriate. It doesn’t portray Mr. President well as a patriot and a leader of all of Nigeria, according to the statement. 30 Hobbies That Make You Money

The group organizer continued by reminding the president of the crucial role other South-Western states had in his election as president in 2023.

He emphasized that it would be wrong for Tinubu to permit his home state to gain only from the advantages intended for the whole region, noting that Ondo, Ekiti, and Oyo did better than Lagos in terms of the presidential election results.

It shouldn’t be that way, he said. It’s possible that something similar will occur when MDA chiefs are appointed. While we recognize that Mr. President is under a lot of pressure, he shouldn’t succumb to it so easily. Mr. President needs to maintain his integrity and resist being duped by inappropriate pressure. He ought to be everyone’s president.

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If not, it would appear as though Lagos is the sole state in the entire area. His appointments should be spread out to other states in the South-West. Even if we judge Lagos based on how well it fared in the general elections of 2023, Mr. President lost the state to the opposing party, therefore it didn’t live up to its potential. According to the reported results, the president would have lost if we had relied just on Lagos State for that election. We are aware of the role other Southwest states, in especially Ondo, Ekiti, and Oyo, played in the previous election. In the most recent election, the president received the strongest results from these states in the Southwest.

“Politicians from Lagos should quit acting with an inflated feeling of entitlement toward this government since they did not contribute anything to Mr. President’s achievement and should stop putting him under unfair pressure. We want to make it clear that we disagree with this trend and that something has to change. The narrative may shift in the next election if the president fails to fix this aberration. In the interest of maintaining harmony in the Southwest and the welfare of all of Nigeria, we made this observation.

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