Jorginho is amazing, says Arteta. for instance, a role model.

Arteta: "Jorginho is unbelievable. Example, role model".

🔴⚪️ Arteta: “Jorginho is unbelievable. Example, role model”.
“He’s been in a lot of pain, he had an issue but he didn’t want to stop”.
“For all the kids, for everybody at the club, you want to look in the mirror at somebody, just look at him and how he behaves”. How much water should I drink to clear Acne?
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According to Wikipedia:  Jorge Luiz Frello Filho Cavaliere OMRI (born 20 December 1991), known as Jorginho, is a professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Premier League club Arsenal and the Italy national team.

Jorginho was reared in the Brazilian beach town of Imbituba and, like other Brazilian children, he was completely enamored with football. But he wanted to be involved as much as possible, all the time, not just play. How to tell if a circuit breaker is bad (All you need to Know)

He starts by saying, “It’s funny because even as a little kid I liked to have the captain’s armband on.” “I enjoyed starting the game and chatting with the referee in general. Even at that young age, I found the procedure enjoyable.

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And this occurred at a very young age. When Jorginho was barely four years old in 1996, his football career began in Brazil. Even though he was too young to formally join, he would constantly beg his father to get involved with his local team, and finally, his persistence paid off.

And it was only ever football and only football for the young Jorginho, who wasn’t interested in taking part in any other sports: “No, there was too much football in my head. It was football, football, football, football. I don’t remember playing any individual sports,” he adds.

Part of the appeal of football for him, he says, was being part of a group, and enjoying the comradery of team spirit. “Football is about the collective,” he continues. “I always enjoyed playing together with the team and when I started playing. 

I started to realize how much fun it was to win together. To have these connections and creating relationships is something I always liked, and still do.”

It wasn’t long, he adds before he started to relish the pressure that came with being a focal point of the team as well, and he recalls that he loved being a talisman for his youth teams.

He started life as a striker, then when he was nine he moved back into the No10 position. It was only when he was 13 that he converted into a central midfielder.

“I think I grew up earlier than the others because I used to play always with the older guys from a young age,” he reflects. “They were more senior, they were my friends and I was just playing with them in the street or whatever.

“So when I played in a team, against boys my age, it was way easier for me. So yes, I was one of the main players for the team, and captain as well, that’s true. I loved that side of it.”

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However, even at that callow age, Jorginho could distinguish between being the main man and being too individualistic in a team sport. It’s a quality he puts down to his upbringing and something that has remained important to him throughout his pro career as well: “For me being the captain or whatever was never the main thing.

The main thing – and I think I got this from my mum – is always trying to help the other players on the pitch. That’s what she was like when she played, and I think I got it from her. The natural thing of communication, pushing my teammates, helping them, and trying to win together – it’s all things I love. That’s maybe why my main thing is assisting and not scoring!”

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