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How to store board games (Effective Methods)

How to store board games (Effective Methods): Effective board game storage is a tactic to extend the life of your games and improve your play experience in general, not merely a question of neatness. Whether you’re an avid collector or a casual player, a well-designed storage system may preserve game elements, save you time, and increase the enjoyment of gameplay.

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We’ll go over useful advice and ideas in this guide to make your home a neat and convenient place to play board games, so every session starts with excitement rather than irritation.

Effective methods on How to store board games

Let’s dive into the art of maintaining your treasured board game collection in top condition, from selecting the ideal storage furniture to using clever organising strategies.

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1. Utilise a Sweater Binder

Try this simple way of organising board games if you’re not in the mood for a do-it-yourself project, especially if you have an extra hanging jumper cubby lying around. Yes, you may use the same organiser for your sweaters to use for your board games, as well as for shorts, caps, and bags.

Place one, two, or even three boxes on top of each fabric shelf, keeping the game contents within the original boxes. Since most games are light, they won’t slow down the organiser. To keep them close at hand when playing games, hang it in a closet close to the living room, cellar or other common areas.

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How to store board games (Effective Methods)

2. Drawers for Board Game Organising

Does your family room contain a console or TV stand with deep drawers? Make the most of them by arranging the board games vertically rather than horizontally. Consider adding drawer dividers or even wide lid organizers—the kind used for pot and pan lids—to keep boxes upright and stop them from spilling open. This way, as soon as you open the drawer, you can recognise every game you own. As long as they fit the drawer depth, you can also use the zippered bag or container ways to do this.

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3. Take Them Down a Step

A ladder shelf can be the ideal spot to keep your games if you don’t mind them being visible to the public. Similar to how a blanket ladder can be used for both practical and decorative purposes, a ladder shelf stocked with your preferred board games may be used for both organisation and decoration. Stack the boxes according to the colours of the rainbow for an added touch of organisation. Your room will appear as though you simply stole ideas from The Home Edit. By connecting the colour of the box with its placement in the pile, the ROYGBIV approach also helps you become accustomed to where each game is on the ladder.

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4. Put Them in Bags

If you use social media often, you may have already seen this brilliant storage solution. Although it’s frequently seen in playrooms to help kids tidy up after themselves when playing games and solving puzzles, it can also be quite helpful for adults. Gather several-sized nylon zipped pouches, using the larger ones for larger items, like a folded-down game board, and place the contents of each game into its own bag.

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Put the instruction booklet inside the bag or, if it’s located on the back of the box, cut it out of the cardboard. Remember to include the photo if you’re using this technique for a puzzle so you can replicate it. Cut out the game’s name and attach it to the front of the bag with tape, or mark it with a label maker. After the games are all arranged, put them on a shelf by lining them up in a basket or two. This will help if you’re cramped for roo because it significantly lowers the volume of the boxes.

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How to store board games (Effective Methods)

5. Put Them in Container Stacks

Though a little more structured, the idea is similar to that of the zippered pouches. Proceed as directed above, but use 8.5×11-inch latching containers in place of bags. These flat organisers, which are frequently used to store craft and hobby supplies, are perfect for board games because they can accommodate most items, including the board. If you still require additional room, consider getting a little bigger container. To make sure that everyone knows where their favourite game is kept, name the front of the bin and place it on a shelf.


To sum up, keeping board games in an orderly and considerate manner will greatly improve your play experience. Easy access, longer game life, and a more pleasurable gaming environment are some of the benefits of organising your collection, which can be achieved by choosing the right storage options, keeping clear labels, and using sorting methods. You can make your board game storage a smooth, aesthetically beautiful system that enhances every play session by according to these rules.

FAQs & Answers

1. Is it possible to store board games horizontally or vertically?

Both approaches are typical. While horizontal storage might be better for games with fragile components, vertical storage can conserve room and stop components from moving.

2. How can I guard against game boxes getting damaged?

To keep game boxes safe, use bags or sleeves made of clear plastic. To further reduce needless strain, think about putting larger games near the bottom of stacks.

3. How often should I go through and rearrange my collection of board games?

Review your collection on a regular basis as it expands. Take out any games you haven’t played recently, and modify your storage to make room for new ones.

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