How to Reprint JAMB Slip 2023/2024

A few years ago, if you misplaced your JAMB slip, your admissions process for the academic year was over. A lost JAMB registration slip can now be printed again, though. Quite intriguing, huh? Continue reading to learn what to do and how to print a new JAMB registration slip if one is lost.

How to Reprint JAMB Slip 2023/2024
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It’s wonderful news that applicants who registered with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board can now reprint their registration slip if they lose it.Jamb

The organization has given candidates permission to print new JAMB examination slips. The registration slip may be reprinted, but only up until the exam day.

Because it includes the candidate’s number, CBT examination center, time, and date, the JAMB slip is quite important. a potential

Because it includes the candidate’s number, CBT examination center, time, and date, the JAMB slip is quite important. If an applicant misplaces their own, they may still reprint before the exam date.

How to retrieve the JAMB registration slip

Have you misplaced your JAMB registration slip and are you unsure how to get it back? Don’t worry if that describes your scenario. You can learn how to get your JAMB registration slip in this section.Jabber slip

All you have to do is visit, go to Efacilit, or use this URL to access the JAMB portal:

Use the search bar at the top and enter “JAMB registration or JAM slip” to find your registration slip. You’ll get your Jamb registration slip if you follow the command’s instructions.

Can you reprint the JAMB registration slip?

Yes! Your JAMB registration slip is reprintable. You must follow the procedures listed below to log into your JAMB student portal as usual:

  • Go to to access the JAMB Reprinting Portal.
  • In the box provided, type your JAMB registration number.
  • In order to find out your UTME exam date, time, venue, and center, click on PRINT EXAMINATION SLIP.

Without email, how can I reprint my JAMB slip?

Your JAMB slip can be printed again quickly. See the procedures below to reproduce your JAMB slip without an email address:

  • Access the JAMB Reprinting Portal by visiting the URL below

  • Fill out the space with your JAMB Registration Number.
  • To find out when, where, and how to take your 2023 UTME exam, click PRINT EXAMINATION SLIP.

Where can I reprint my JAMB slip?

Yes, of course. The reprinting can be done anywhere. You can do that on your own if you have a printer at home. Or go to a nearest JAMB registration facility or cybercafé.

How can I print a new copy of my online JAMB registration slip?

It’s simple to reprint your JAMB registration slip online. Watch the actions to take:

Visit to access the JAMB slip reprint portal.

You can also use as an alternative. ‘Re-Print Your Slip’ will appear. After that, click it.

Enter your JAMB registration number in the area provided on the JAMB slip reprint portal, and then click “Re-Print.”

On the slip will be written the precise date, time, and location of the exam you were given.

You can now click or just hit “ctrl” and then “P” on your keyboard to print the JAMB slip again using your printer.

How can I send a new SMS with my JAMB registration slip?

  • Visit to access the JAMB Reprinting Portal.
  • Fill up the area with your JAMB registration number.


At this point, select PRINT EXAMINATION SLIP to learn the date, time, and location of your UTME exam.

What should I do if I lose my JAMB registration number?

You can retrieve your forgotten JAMB registration number in a few different ways. Here are a few of the straightforward methods.

  • Verify your Inbox and Spam folders.

The registration number is located in your mailbox. It might occasionally be hidden in the spam folder. Thus, you ought to look there as well. Keep in mind that you had to provide your email address in order to register.

JAMB will send a confirmation link to the email address you supplied once the procedure is finished. There, you may find your JAMB registration number and login information. Always check your spam folder in case something got lost there. You might attempt the following option if you unintentionally erased the email.

  • using a phone number through SMS

You can utilize your phone number in addition to your email to acquire your JAMB registration number. Candidates typically receive information from JAMB via SMS.

The usage of SMS appears more advantageous because JAMB is aware that text message communication with applicants is ideal.

Please verify the SMS JAMB issued to you after enrolling for JAMB in order to get your JAMB registration number on your smartphone. Information like the registration number is included on the registration slip.

On your mobile device, scroll through your messages; the registration number is there. However, using this final, “ultimate,” method is your best shot if your phone was lost or broken.

Check for CAPS after logging into your JAMB student Portal.

In order to recover or reprint your JAMB registration number if email or SMS weren’t successful, go to a cybercafé or JAMB registration facility. Log into your JAMB student site and select your JAMB CAPS to accomplish this. Your JAMB registration number will appear when you click it.

Remember that only if you connected your JAMB slip when enrolling for the UTME/DE can you recover or reprint it.


Now that you know, you won’t be prevented from sitting the exam if you lose your JAMB registration. If you lost your JAMB registration form or forgot your registration number, you have options.

You can access it through your student account under CAPS, your email address, your mobile number, or the SMS they provided you when you registered.

These techniques should function perfectly. But it’s crucial that you keep everything secure! Write down your registration number and store it safely. Like your JAMB slip, too. All the best with your endeavors!

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