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How To Relocate To Canada As EU Citizen

How To Relocate To Canada As EU Citizens: Canada is seen as the best country in the world to relocate by many people. A growing number of European nationals have recently indicated an interest in coming to Canada. Nigeria Information Guide Luckily, there are many choices accessible to people who want to relocate from Europe to Canada and may take advantage of the countless career and business possibilities our nation has to offer. Enough Info

How To Relocate To Canada As EU Citizen
Info Guide

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FAQs & Answers

1, How many Europeans live in Canada?

It is significant to note that the most recent census data from 2017 reveals the following on Canadians of European heritage and European immigrants for individuals who are thinking about migrating to Canada from Europe: How to travel to Iran (Visa on arrival)

  • Around 20 million Canadians have European ancestry in 2016.
  • The majority of these people were descended from France and the British Isles.
  • In Canada, 5% of people claimed to have British Isles ancestry.
  • 1% claimed to be French.

2, Is it difficult to migrate from the EU to Canada?

Moving to Canada is generally not too challenging. It’s simpler for you to meet the requirements for one immigration stream since Canada is receptive to new immigrants and provides a variety of immigration options. You must still fulfill the prerequisites for the pathway you wish to apply for.

3, Can I live in Canada with an EU passport?

CETA offers exceptional chances for EU people to work in Canada. Foreign people covered by CETA regulations can be qualified to work in Canada without needing a work visa or even a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

4, I want to immigrate to Canada. How much money do I need?

To settle in Canada, you’ll need at least CAD 13,200. This is the typical cost for a single person; but, if you relocate with other family members, the price goes up. During the relocation procedure, additional unforeseen charges, such as entrance taxes, the cost of shipping your belongings, the legalization of documents, etc., may arise. How To Encourage Good Sibling Relationships

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Available visas for people who want to relocate to Canada from Europe

With more visa choices available to European people than in other nations, the immigration procedure to Canada is more convenient for them. This is because there are federal and local initiatives that enable people from all over the world to enter Canada and apply for a residence visa.

Many alternatives are open to European immigrants seeking permanent status in Canada, including:

Employment Visa:

While the Canadian government actively wants talented individuals to populate its workforce, this is a rather simple choice.

Business Immigrant Visa:

Investors who wish to launch their own company in Canada’s booming economy should choose this choice.

Express Entry Visa:

These conditions must be satisfied in order for this visa to be awarded under the Express Entry program.

Permanent Residence Permit:

Depending on the applicant’s place of origin, this permit can only be obtained after a certain amount of time has passed after they first arrived in Canada. How To Deal With Loneliness(The Ultimate Guide)

Regardless of the temporary or permanent residency permit sought for, all candidates must get a minimum score on an evaluation conducted prior to applying for a visa.

It is also significant to remember that several European nations and Canada have unique agreements in place that permit people of those nations to immigrate to Canada under certain schemes.

Relocating to Canada from Europe based on employment

The Canadian government has established a number of immigration schemes for people coming from Europe, including:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Scheme
  • Provincial Express Entry Categories Scheme
  • Canada Experience Class Scheme

Although each program has its unique set of criteria, the application process is generally simple for European nationals. A lawyer who specializes in immigration law can offer advice and help if you’re thinking about moving to Canada. All programs employ the score-point system, and the bulk of points are given based on credentials and professional experience. How To Build A Relationship With Step-Parents

Families are welcome in Canada, thus applicants who bring their families with them may be given extra credit. All visa applications must be submitted with proof of English or French language proficiency.

Relocating to Canada from Europe and the permanent resident status

A person who immigrates to Canada from Europe often qualifies for permanent status after five years of residence. It’s crucial to remember that an assessment is done every two years to make sure the person is still qualified for residence.

The applicant must provide proof that they are a Canadian taxpayer in order to keep their permanent residency status. Moving to Canada from Europe is easier than moving to other countries since the Canadian government actively seeks out professionals and talented migrants from every European country.

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How easy is it to immigrate to Canada from Europe?

The ease of immigration from Europe to Canada might vary based on a number of variables, including the applicant’s credentials, employment experience, language ability, and family situation. The Federal Skilled Worker Scheme, the Provincial Express Entry Categories Scheme, and the Canada Experience Class Scheme are just a few of the programs and visa categories that the Canadian government has created with immigrants who wish to immigrate to Canada in mind.

Every school has its own set of prerequisites, and the bulk of points are determined by credentials and prior employment. Also, all visa applications must demonstrate fluency in either English or French.

The procedure of coming to Canada from Europe is generally seen to be rather simple in comparison to other nations. But it’s always a good idea to get advice from an immigration lawyer who can guide you through the procedure and make sure your application is accurate and satisfies all the standards.

Canada has a strong interest in attracting people from Europe

Since Canadian businesses seek to entice skilled labor from these states, the number of foreigners from European nations emigrating to Canada has been continuously rising. This trend is anticipated to persist in the upcoming years due to immigration-promoting federal and provincial measures. Most often, those intending to immigrate to Canada do so in order to benefit from the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union (CETA).

With the help of the international CETA agreement, which was completed in 2017, EU residents can work in Canada without having to complete a labor market impact assessment and, in some situations, without having to apply for a work visa. How To Study Engineering In Japan From Nigeria

Business visitor visas, intra-company transfer visas, investment visas, independent professional visas, and contractual service provider visas are all available to EU residents under CETA. While there are different procedures for each visa category, this agreement should make it simpler to get work permits. Also, the International Experience Canada Program makes it possible for EU nationals to visit and work in Canada, which is useful for those who want to apply to provincial programs that need Canadian work history.

The procedures to follow when moving to Canada from a non-EU country

Even though Canada and the European Union have a trade agreement, certain European nations are still not EU members. People from these non-EU nations must thus take additional actions in order to live in Canada.

The first step for prospective immigrants from outside the EU is to ascertain if they are eligible to apply for one of the various residence permits. To determine if their line of work is in demand in the neighborhood labor market, this entails reviewing the Canadian Occupation List and the Immigration NOC Codes.

One alternative is investor visas, which allow people to move to Canada if they have enough money.

Moving to Canada from the UK after Brexit

Brexit has had a big influence on British nationals who want to relocate to EU nations, but it has little bearing on individuals who wish to emigrate to nations like Canada or the US. The International Experience Canada and Start-Up Visa programs are the greatest choices for accelerating the Canadian immigration process.

The International Experience Canada program was successful as of 2021, with 5,000 of the 65,000 applications coming from the UK. How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria As A Student


By far, one of the most sought-after destinations for immigrants is Canada. Just in 2019, the Immigration Service reports that 341,180 permanent residents arrived in Canada and 74,586 people converted from temporary status to permanent residency. With so many requests for immigration, Canada has established a few routes to make the process easier to handle.


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