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How to get rid of Plastic Smell (10 Effective ways)

How to get rid of Plastic Smell (10 Effective ways): Although eliminating the smell of plastic can be difficult, there are a few solutions you can try. Whether it’s a bin, bottle, container, or accessory, there are certainly a number of plastic products that you keep about your home.

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Even though these things can be useful, it’s rather annoying when they smell strongly of chemicals or other unpleasant things. Try soaking and deodorising your plastic with a few easy steps before you throw it in the garbage.

How to get rid of Plastic Smell (10 Effective ways)

10 Effective ways on how to get rid of plastic smell

1. Use hot water and dish soap to thoroughly clean your plastic

After adding a pea-sized quantity of dish soap to your plastic object, top it off with hot water. Wipe clean the entire surface with a sponge or rag, paying special attention to the areas where the scent is worst. After letting the plastic dry for a few hours, smell it to make sure the unpleasant smell has vanished.

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  • You can leave the soap solution in place for up to fifteen minutes before rinsing for optimal effects.
  • The unpleasant plastic smell may disappear if you wash your plastic often.

2. For a strong cleaning solution, combine baking soda and bleach

Pour one teaspoon (4.9 millilitres) of bleach into the plastic container. Stir in 1 tsp (4.8 g) baking soda to aid in deodorization. After adding more lukewarm water to the container, let the cleaning solution soak for the entire night. Pour out the liquid the following day and observe whether your plastic smells better!

  • This solution is particularly effective for odor-causing plastic, particularly in reusable water bottles.

3. To naturally deodorise your plastic, combine baking soda and water

Pour 1 tablespoon (14.4 g) of baking soda into the plastic container, then add the remaining warm water to fill it up. After giving the plastic bottle or container a few good shakes, leave it alone for at least forty minutes. Pour out the fluid after letting it sit, then sniff your plastic to determine if anything has changed.

  • You can leave the baking soda on the plastic for a longer period of time if it smells very bad. This tactic is particularly effective when applied on plastic bottles.

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4. Use lemon juice to freshen the smell of your plastic after cleaning it

Take several spoonfuls of lemon juice and use a rag or sponge to scrub the plastic item’s surface. Cut a lemon in half and rub the fruit over the odorous plastic for a more straightforward method. Rinse out any remaining lemon juice after cleaning the surface, then let the plastic exposed to the air for a few hours.

  • If you want to clean your bins, containers, and other storage objects, try using lemon juice!
  • Use a little lemon or orange zest in place of the lemon juice. After letting it sit in the plastic object for ten to fifteen minutes, rinse it out.

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How to get rid of Plastic Smell (10 Effective ways)

5. To get rid of the odour, use coffee grounds

Place a small amount of either damp or dry coffee grinds into the bottom of the plastic object. Depending on the degree of odour in the container, let the plastic out in the open for a few hours or even days. After occasionally checking to see if the plastic smells better, discard the coffee grounds.

  • You may want to give something else a try if the plastic scent persists after a few days. This is a really useful tip for plastic bottles.

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6. For a practical fix, stuff newspaper inside the plastic

Press crumpled newspaper inside the container and screw on the lid or cap. To allow the paper to absorb the unpleasant odours, leave it in the plastic overnight. Take out the newspaper the following day to observe if the plastic smells any better.

7. For an instant remedy, drop a bit of charcoal into your plastic

Let the charcoal sit for as long as possible with the lid or cap closed. Check every hour or day for the next few days to see if the plastic scent has disappeared. This is suitable for any plastic product that has a lid.

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8. Exposure to Sunlight

The plastic item should remain in the sun. Odor-causing substances in plastic can be broken down and dissipated by sunlight. For a day or longer, leave the item outside in direct sunlight, rotating it occasionally to ensure even exposure.

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9. Essential Oils

A few drops of essential oil should be applied to the plastic object. Essential oils with inherent deodorising qualities include lavender and citrus. A tiny amount should be applied to the plastic, then left for a few hours. Remove any extra oil before using.

How to get rid of Plastic Smell (10 Effective ways)

10. Airing It Out

For an extended amount of time, place the plastic object in a well-ventilated environment.
Exposure to fresh air aids in the dissipation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are responsible for the plastic odour. Leave the item outside or in a well-ventilated room for several hours or perhaps days.


In conclusion, a mix of cleaning methods and natural deodorising solutions can be used to get rid of plastic odours. It could take some time for smells to totally go away, therefore the important thing is to be persistent and patient.

FAQs & Answers

1. What eliminates the smell of chemicals?

Try baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, in a closed space. It became a staple in the back of the fridge since it bonds with a lot of compounds that give off bad odours, converting them into less reactive salts. White vinegar has a similar effect of deodorising the entire home.

2. Is it too drastic to host a fragrance intervention for my plastic items?

Not at all harsh! Collect all of your plastic items, adhere to our instructions, and start the intervention. Anticipate freshness!

3. Would plastic objects be pleading for a scent makeover right now if they could talk?

Even though they can’t talk, their faint plastic smells can be begging for your attention. Give them the fragrant makeover they’ve always wanted!



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