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How to friendzone someone (The Ultimate Guide)

How to friendzone someone (The Ultimate Guide): It takes understanding, delicacy, and open communication to negotiate the tricky terrain of friend-zoning someone. It is crucial that you handle the matter delicately, respecting the other person’s sentiments and setting clear limits for yourself at the same time. This is an ultimate guide on how to friend-zone someone successfully.

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The Ultimate Guide to putting someone in the Friendzone

1. Be truthful

It’s usually vital to be direct, if not rude. It can be difficult for someone you like to take a hint, especially if they are hopeful. Don’t mince words or imply that you’re only interested in friendship in a subtle way. It’s usually preferable to rip off the bandage, even though it will be uncomfortable. Let them know up front that you are only interested in friendship, and hope that they still want to be friends. That’s where you can stop. You owe them nothing more.

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2. Never offer up unrealistic hopes

Pulling back the banter or chemistry you have with someone might be difficult, even if you don’t like them as more than a friend. Even a simple compliment or playful poke could be interpreted as a sign of hope.
It won’t matter if your intention is unclear, but it does matter. Sayings like “maybe one day” or “you can be my backup” are inappropriate. That is not only cruel, but it also gives false hope.

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3. Give it to them to get over you

Leave them alone. Give them some space to move on from your rejection and resume your conversation later, even if you may still like them and want to remain friends. It can be difficult and perhaps feel like you’re losing a friend if you two were close or had a lot of time together, but be considerate of their emotions. In order to truly be friends, give them the time they require.

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4. Show consideration

When you friend someone, show them respect—as long as they are. Honour their sentiments. Never brush it off or tell them they’re insane for finding you attractive. Express your flattery and disinterest to them. However, you are under no need to maintain your composure if they treat you badly. You don’t, even if they tell you that because they done this or that for you, the least you can do is have a drink with them! Friendships are simply friendships. There are no checks and balances between friends, regardless of the past.

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How to friendzone someone (The Ultimate Guide)

5. Spend time with groups

Hang out in groups if you find that being together alone, especially in public, is awkward for them or you both. It will lessen the likelihood of any awkward situations. Try to rekindle the things that once bonded you as friends.
Include them in events that are meant for the whole group, not just your romantic partners, if you were friend-zoning them before you started dating.

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6. Avoid using them

It’s easy to give in to attention from a friend who shows interest in you. Calling them when you need a shoulder to weep on makes natural since you know they’ll drop anything for you, but it’s unfair. You shouldn’t expect someone to treat you like more than just a friend if you don’t think of them as such. Never expect anything from them that you wouldn’t do for them in return.

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7. Avoid talking all day

Try cutting back on the amount of times you send each other amusing memes or whine about work all day. Talking nonstop may get problematic, especially if you’re friend-zoning someone. Naturally, you want to maintain the status quo as much as possible, but nothing will change if you maintain the same dynamic as when they were attracted to you.

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8. Remind them

Remind them if they make a mistake and begin moving or even saying something you believe is inappropriate. Tell them you were sincere, that you still feel the same way, and that all you want is friendship. Never hold yourself responsible for what they do. Give them one more opportunity to accept the friendzone.

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9. Take your time answering calls or texts

We behave eagerly when we truly like someone. And answering calls or texts right away is one of those enthusiastic behaviours. There seems to be a lot of interest in this. To place someone in the friendzone, do the opposite. Respond to calls and texts after hours. Be polite, yet your slow pace will indicate to them that you are considering their needs.

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10. Inform them that you don’t believe your paths are compatible.

Perhaps they are expressing their undisguised affection and intense interest in you. Should that be the case, you may need to tell them straight out that you don’t think you two are a good fit. If you don’t want to, you are under no need to provide specifics. It’s clear enough to them that you’re not interested if you just state, “We’re not a match.”

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11. As much as you can, imply

You can choose to leave hints if you detest being direct because you don’t like to offend people. You may claim that you’re very particular about relationships and that very few people live up to your expectations. If they are paying attention enough to see the cues you are giving them to put them in the friendzone, saying anything along these lines should ideally convey the message.

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How to friendzone someone (The Ultimate Guide)

12. Talk about your “ideal type” in their presence

Assume the guy you are attracted to is a 5’9″ slender guy with blonde hair. You have the ability to characterise a guy in a way that is obviously not him. Say, “Oh, I love males who are above 6’4″, have black hair, and have a lot of muscle!” He’ll understand very well that description does not apply to him.

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13. Be mindful of your body language

It’s crucial to pay attention to body language. As a matter of fact, the nonverbal portion of a communication holds nearly 90% of its meaning. Therefore, avoid touching them, sitting too near to them, or making much eye contact. You want to convey to them through your body language that you don’t want to get close to them. Ideally, they’ll realise you don’t like them when they notice.

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14. Make an effort to pair them with your pals

If you want to place someone in the friendzone and they’re single, tell them about all of your other single pals. Tell them how well you believe your friends John or Jane would get along. Tell them up front that you would like to arrange for a blind date. When you act in that way, it will be clear that you are attempting to push them off on your other friends and are not interested in dating them.


It’s important to handle the matter with understanding, honesty, and compassion when you want to friendzone someone. Setting clear limits and fostering an atmosphere of open and polite communication will assist to preserve the friendship. Recall that while it’s acceptable to put your comfort and sentiments first, you also need to take the other person’s feelings into account. In the end, encouraging honest communication and understanding between the two people can result in a friendship that is more meaningful and healthy for both of them.

FAQs & Answers

1. How can I tell someone that all I want from them is friendship?

It is best to have an open discussion in which you are truthful and kind in your expression of feelings. Inform them that although you appreciate their friendship, you don’t think your relationship will develop romantically.

2. Should I avoid being by myself with them to avoid sending the wrong message?

Setting limits at first can assist to prevent confusion. Any possible miscommunication can be minimised by group situations or activities where it’s obvious that you’re just pals.

3. What if they react negatively to it?

Be patient and reassure them of your friendship. If necessary, give them some space, but maintain your composure to demonstrate that you are a true friend.

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