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How To Forget Someone You Love

How To Forget Someone You Love: Each of us has one or two people we wish we could forget. Don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to sleep peacefully if you’re having trouble forgetting someone you love or trying to act as if they never were because you’re up all night thinking about that one person. Although it could seem like you’re the only one spending days, months, or even years contemplating how to forget the person who broke your heart, you’re most definitely not alone in

How To Forget Someone You Love


When you initially split up with someone, it can sometimes feel like the worst possible scenario. You ponder how to let go of someone and how you might even begin to go on when it still hurts so deeply. Good news! This feeling will disappear quickly. Time is the best healer, so gradually you’ll start to wonder what all the commotion was about and start to think about that individual less and less.

It’s never simple to end a relationship with someone, especially if you still love them. You may, however, move on and discover happiness once more with time, patience, and a few sound coping mechanisms. Start by erasing the individual from your life by cutting off all contact and deleting any reminders of them. After that, you can work on putting the pain behind you and moving on.

Looking for strategies to let go of and get past a previous love? Explore our in-depth post, which provides insightful tips and helpful guidance on how to let go of someone you love. Keep Scrolling..

FAQs & Answers on How to forget someone you love

1. Can you really truly forget someone you love?

Although forgetting someone you love is difficult, it is not impossible either. You must continue to live your life. Be thankful for the memories, but realize they can only take you so far. Take a step back, assess your worth, and scan your surroundings.

2. Can you easily quit loving someone?

While it may seem difficult and take some time, it is entirely possible to stop loving someone. In fact, you might discover that by letting go of your love for this person, you free yourself up to love others and even yourself.

3. How long does a broken heart persist?

Many websites use a “study,” which was actually a customer survey a market research firm did on behalf of Yelp, when examining the timeline of breakups. According to the poll’s findings, healing takes an average of approximately 3.5 months, whereas getting over a divorce may take closer to 1.5 years, if not longer.

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How To Forget Someone You Love

1. Getting the Other Person Out of Your Life

a. Terminate all contact immediately

If you’re still in contact with someone, even if you’re simply pals on social media, it can be difficult to move on from them or forget about them. On each of your social media platforms, unfriend the user. Even if you wish to remain friends in the future, let the person know that you need a lengthy break from them.What To Do When Your Crush Doesn’t Love You Back

  • You can say, “Despite my desire for amicable relations in the future, I’m currently struggling. I have to cut ties with our friendship.”

b. Delete all voicemails, messages, and emails sent by the person

You’re probably going to go back and read any texts or messages your ex has sent you, lingering on the past. To avoid temptation, go through all of your accounts and delete every message.185+ Deep Love Messages For Her (Melt Her Heart)

  • Try preserving the memories on an external hard drive and lending it to a friend if you’re concerned that you might need them in the future. Then you won’t be able to recall it whenever you want. How To Deal With Difficult Family Members

Remove or delete all of the pictures you have of the subject

Remove the pictures from your photo albums and the walls. Delete all of the pictures you have on your computer, phone, and social media accounts. Those reminders don’t need to be present.

  • Again, if you find it difficult to let go, save them on an external hard drive with any hard copies you may have and get the help of a friend to hold them for a bit.

Any reminders you have nearby should be ceremoniously burned

Sometimes all you need to do is let go of the other person. Putting together items that are nearby and serve as reminders of them is one way to go about it. They should be burned after being placed in a metal trash bin. For instance, you can do this with old letters, pictures, or clothes.

  • Just make sure you do it outside in a place that isn’t windy. Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water handy just in case.

2. Giving Up the Pain

a. Recall the reasons it didn’t work out

If you’re having trouble moving on from someone, it’s probably because you’re only thinking about the good moments. To overcome the fantasy, take some time to reflect on the reason you ended the relationship.

  • Try to put it in writing. Write in your journal about the upsetting memories you have with the goal of also letting go of that suffering so you can go on.
  • It’s challenging to move on if you hold your ex-partner in high regard or treat them as though everything was fine. Your relationship terminated because of a problem or because anything went wrong in it.

Recognize the failure and move on

Be one of those individuals who can accept that what you desired didn’t happen, but don’t be that person. If you just accept what happened, you’ll be able to forget someone you love much more quickly. You won’t benefit from clinging to an illusory gleam of hope.How To Overcome Failure( Ultimate Guide)

The situation may change, it’s true, but for now, accept the facts as they are and move on. That way, you won’t be hoping for a typical chick-flick ending in which the person who shattered your heart appears at your door bearing a wedding band and pleading for you to reconcile. It will not take place.

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b. To let rid of your resentment, forgive the offender

Remembering the person’s positive traits is one method to work on forgiving them. To view of them as a complete person who makes mistakes, consider what first attracted you to them. You can only forgive someone for their errors if you consider them to be a flawed human being with both good and negative traits.

  • Consider your feelings over what the other person did to you while you work on forgiving them. Consider the impact those feelings are having on your life. For instance, how does your perception of the world change if you are angry and bitter?
  • Undoubtedly, some “mistakes” are more significant than others. It’s far more difficult to forgive the other person when there are major problems, such as mental and physical abuse. But remember, forgiving someone doesn’t make them innocent of what they did; it’s really for your benefit.15 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Personal Finance Management
  • In order to forgive, you must let go of your animosity toward the other person. If you’re unwilling to forgive the person, it’s difficult to let go of your bad feelings towards them. You just quit carrying resentment in your heart against the offender, without forgetting your hurt.

c. Instead of placing blame, reframe the split as “no-fault.”

You can feel the need to place the blame on the other person or on yourself for the split. But in the end, you simply weren’t compatible with the other person, and nobody should be held accountable for that.

  • If your relationship was generally amicable, try to keep in mind that you both gave it your best go and work on breaking the cycle of blame.

d. Instead of wishing the past away, try to alter your response to it

You might occasionally wish you could go back in time and alter the course of events. Although it is a reasonably natural reaction, it is ultimately useless. The only thing you can alter is how you react to the past. Instead of always wishing you could go back and change something you said or did, accept that reality.

  • Consider a specific instance that irritates you. I wish I could take back what I said, you may be thinking. Rephrase the sentence as follows: “I’m sorry I said that, but I’ve learnt my lesson. In the future, I’ll perform better.”

e. Consult a therapist if you’re having trouble

You might think that going to a therapist is considered socially uncool. But remember that there are millions of people just like you who seek the counsel and direction of therapists, counselors, consultants, and other experts during trying times, and you may do the same. There’s no reason to be reluctant to seek assistance.How to be Mature(Steps and Requirements)

  • Professional therapists, psychiatrists, school and occupational counselors, and, if wanted, authoritative figures from your community like priests or rabbis are some of the people you might think about speaking with. Find a person with some professional experience whose voice you trust.
  • If you’re unsure about who to talk to, ask your friends or family for ideas.

3. Moving on

a. Give yourself plenty of time to rest

Sleep is your body’s way of recovering, and emotional anguish is no exception. If you’re having difficulties falling asleep, give yourself additional time and try to get at least 8 hours each night.

  • Consider establishing a bedtime routine. A minimum of an hour before you want to go to bed, turn off all technology to allow your brain to relax. Take a warm bath, drink some warm milk, or drink some herbal tea to calm your mind.

b. Rely on your family and friends for assistance

Your family, personal mentors, and close friends are the people who care about you and want the best for you. Asking these people for a little extra love is nothing to be afraid of. To assist you deal with your tension and emotions, speak to an old friend, your parents, or your siblings. Use this time to keep in mind that your ex was not the only one who loved you, and spend it with the people who matter.

  • Even if the guidance you get from your closest confidants isn’t ideal, the feeling of camaraderie might still make you feel better.

c. Adapt your timetable once again

You can maintain a habit with the help of a regular schedule, which makes you feel more normal. Try to maintain a consistent schedule for your meals, bedtime, and wake-up times.

  • It’s acceptable to be kind with yourself, though. You are going through a difficult moment, therefore it’s acceptable to take breaks as needed. Just make every effort to keep up.

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d. Make some new pals outside of your usual group

If you and your ex were together for a time, you might share a lot of pals. It will be simpler to move on if you try to make new friends who won’t bring up the subject or ask to hang out with you both all the time.

  • Although you don’t have to fully abandon your old pals, having a new group of friends gives you a secure environment in which to interact. You can also rely on pals who are not like you. Try to revive a past friendship that you may have let fall by the wayside.
  • Try attending neighborhood get-togethers, enrolling in enjoyable classes at your library or through your parks and recreation department, or even striking up a discussion with a stranger at a nearby coffee shop to meet new people.

e. Recognize your inner strength

You could feel defenseless and powerless to move past the grief after you break up with someone. You only need to tell yourself that you are resilient enough. Write down a couple of your accomplishments and strengths to convince yourself that you can and will get through this difficult moment.How To Deal With Stress(Guide2023)

  • For illustration, you may write, “I’m really tenacious. I finished a marathon in just one year after I began jogging! And I can also go through this if I have tenacity.”

f. Reconsider dating when you’re ready

Give yourself some time to mourn, but if you start to feel a little better, consider starting a new relationship. You’re under no obligation to stay in a relationship. Simply go out with someone you like a few times, or even just a few times on first dates with a few different people.

  • When you begin dating again, allow yourself to move at your own pace. No need to haste. In fact, discussing that with anyone you’re dating may be a smart idea. Hey, I should let you know that I just ended a challenging relationship, so right now I’m just looking for something casual.

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4. Having a good self-care routine

a. Physically express your feelings by crying and laughing

You could feel the need to cry as the grief suddenly comes back to haunt you. That’s okay. Spend some time sobbing. But remember to laugh as well. Watch some funny videos online, look at some adorable memes, or enter the name of your favorite comedy. Laughter may make you feel as good as or better than a good cry and is healthy for the soul.

  • Go out and laugh together with your pals!

b. Give yourself some attention

Have a massage or take a hot bubble bath. This is the ideal occasion for some pampering. Visit a movie you’ve been wanting to see, go on a brief shopping trip, or perhaps take a short vacation. Simply carry out an action that makes you feel happy.

  • Even something as easy as grabbing a latte from your preferred coffee shop and cuddling up with a nice book counts as an activity.

c. Daily healthy eating is a must

When you’re mourning, you could feel like eating nothing at all or only junk food. When you crash off a sugar high, for instance, it can only make you feel worse. At the absolute least, make sure you’re eating some fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.

  • Naturally, you are still permitted to eat that piece of chocolate cake or bag of chips, especially in the first few days. Just try to consume more than just chips and cake. Select some nutritious items as well.

d. Get moving, especially if you can do it outside

Go for a walk with a friend or go on a trip in the woods. A nearby lake can be traversed by kayak, or you can swim in your preferred pool. Play some tennis, go for a run in the park, or simply go to the gym. Yoga is another excellent choice. Whatever you decide to do will help you escape your thoughts and feel better.

  • On most days of the week, try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise.
  • Because it releases feel-good chemicals in your body, exercise is beneficial for your brain. The advantages of vitamin D are also present when you are outside! Additionally, it takes you outside of the house and is healthy for your body.


When we love someone, it can be difficult to let them go after they are gone from our lives. We may find ourselves missing that person and struggling to move on. It can be helpful to focus on the memories you shared, the love you felt, and the good times you spent together. Allow yourself to grieve in whatever way helps you process your emotions, whether that’s through talking with friends or family, journaling, or engaging in a creative pursuit like making art or playing music. Making time for yourself and engaging in activities that bring you joy can also be helpful in letting go of someone you love.


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