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How To Cut Brie(2023 Guides)

How To Cut Brie: A common ingredient on most cheese platters is brie. Its buttery taste, creamy texture, and soft rind provide a wonderful contrast to cheeses that are hard or harsh. If you’re afraid to cut into the wedge or disc, make an effort to slice the cheese into little pieces that still have the peel so no one discovers a piece of brie that has been hollowed out. Remember that if you are certain that no one will eat the rind, you may remove it from the whole amount of brie. Enough info

How To Cut Brie
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FAQs & Answers

How do I get a brie knife?

You can purchase a brie knife online or in most kitchen stores. The knives are usually made of stainless steel and have curved blades specifically designed for cutting soft cheeses such as brie.

Do you spread or slice Brie?

It should be cut into wedges as opposed to being sliced like a block of hard cheese. Simply take it off the cheese board to eat it; you won’t need to spread it. You may slice off a little portion for each of your visitors, and they can match it with some dried fruit or a chunk of crusty bread (particularly a baguette).

Brie is often served in what manner?

Brie is often served by the French with a baguette or similar crusty bread that won’t overpower the cheese. Another easy option that won’t take away from the cheesy flavor is plain crackers.

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Cutting a Brie Disc

Look for a brie knife

You’ll need a long knife with a very thin blade to cut the cheese without it clinging to the blade. Use any knife with a thin, sharp blade, even one with holes, if you don’t have a brie knife. Open-blade knives are another name for them. How To Sue Your Landlord For Unsafe Living

  • You could also want to buy a tiny, pointed cheese knife and place it next to the brie if you want to spread it on a baguette.
  • This knife has also been referred to as a little spade.

Brie that is at room temperature should be cut in half

Before cutting the brie, let it rest on a cutting board at room temperature for up to an hour. The disc’s center should then be sliced through using a gentle back-and-forth stroke. You should now have two semicircles of cheese that are the same size.

  • If the brie is served cold from the refrigerator, it will be more difficult to detect its distinctive characteristics.
  • Wrap one semicircle in parchment or waxed paper and place it in the refrigerator if you want to serve just half of the brie. How To Unshrink Crocs( Step And Requirements)

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Just before serving, slice the semicircle into little triangular pieces

Make tiny, thin wedges by cutting from the straight edge’s center toward the rounded edge. At the triangle’s widest point, make the wedges approximately a half-inch (1.3 cm) broad. You may slice the semicircle from either one or both sides.

  • If you’re serving visitors, leave the knife and cheese semicircle on your dish. Then, let your visitors to slice the cheese into triangle pieces.
  • Brie that hasn’t been out at room temperature for more than two hours may be stored (including the 1 hour you left the cheese out before serving). Brie is placed in an airtight container after being wrapped with plastic wrap. Then, store it in the fridge for up to 2 or 3 days.

Slicing a Wedge of Brie

Pick a well-balanced brie knife

Choose a knife that won’t adhere to the cheese and has a long, narrow blade. To make slicing the brie simpler, use one with a blade that has holes if you can.

Slice the wedge of food at room temperature along its length

Use your knife to cut long, thin slices instead of pieces from the brie. Cut down one side, starting at the wedge’s tip. After that, flip the wedge over and cut another fine sliver there.

  • As you slice the cheese, try to maintain the wedge form. The brie will shrink after multiple slices from you or your guests, but it should still resemble a wedge.
  • Brie that hasn’t been at room temperature for more than two hours may be refrigerated (including the 30 minutes you left the brie out before serving). Brie is placed in an airtight container after being wrapped with plastic wrap. Then, keep it for up to two to three days.

Do not remove the wedge’s triangular tip

You may have seen individuals remove the wedge’s very tip to form a little triangular. Since the tip of the wedge is often the ripest and most delicious section of the wedge, doing so is considered impolite.

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Taking the Rind Off

In the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes with the brie

To prevent brie from absorbing odor when being frozen, keep it in its package. Shortly chilling the brie will make it simpler to cut off the peel. How To Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter( Step by Step)

  • The brie may be frozen for up to a day.

Brie should be taken out and placed on a chopping board

At least a couple hours before serving, remove the brie from the freezer. After that, remove the brie from its wrapping, placing it on a chopping board. While the cheese is still cold, remove the rind before allowing it to warm up to the serving temperature.

Cut off the flat sides of the brie after turning it over

Turn the wedge you’re cutting onto one of its flat sides. Brie discs need to be placed onto the rounded edge and held there while being sliced. The flat sides of the wedge or disc should then be slowly and carefully cut away using a sharp knife. How To Stop Bleeding (2023 Home Remedies)

  • For this phase, any kind of knife will do.

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Remove the wedge’s rounded sides or sides

Reposition the brie disc or wedge on the cutting board, then gently trim the rounded edge off the sides of the disc. Trim off the wedge’s long sides as well as the flat, broad end if you’re cutting one. In order to avoid cutting into the cheese itself, clip the rind by around 18 inches (0.32 cm), regardless of the style you’re using.

  • If you’d like, change to a smaller knife to make it simpler to cut all the way around the edges of the brie.

The brie should be allowed to warm up

Once the rind has been completely removed, let it sit for one to two hours so that it doesn’t feel chilly. The brie will taste better if it is at room temperature for you and your guests to enjoy.

Brie should be laid out or sliced into pieces

A tiny knife should now be placed next to the brie wedge or disc on the cheese dish so that visitors may assist themselves. Slice the trimmed brie thinly if you’re using it in another dish.

  • For a grilled brie sandwich, cut pieces of cheese that are 0.64 cm (1/4 inch) thick to go on the bread. Make lengthy strips of brie cheese that run the whole length of the wedge if you’re cutting it. Cut long, rectangular pieces across the flat side of the cheese if you’re working from a semicircle.


The best way to cut brie is to use a sharp knife and make sure that the knife is not serrated. Slice the brie into thin wedges, starting at the top and working your way towards the side of the wheel. If the cheese is too soft, put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes before cutting it. Once the wedges are complete, enjoy your delicious brie! How To Make Quesadilla (Step-by-Step Methods)

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