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How To Create A Momo Wallet – Beginner’s Guide

The launch of MoMo Wallet, a digital bank where you can open an account quickly, purchase cards and data, and pay bills, by MTN is no longer breaking news.

Dial *671# from any mobile number to open a MoMo wallet, select a four-digit pin, and presto! Your phone number is now your account number and you have successfully opened a MoMo PSB wallet. You will receive a free N100 that you may use right away to recharge or purchase data using your momo wallet.

MTN Mobile Money accounts receive instantaneous deposits of money. Only that the recipient already has a Mobile Money account is required. The recipient’s Mobile Money number is required.

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Day or night, transfers to a mobile wallet typically happen instantly.The transferee doesn’t have to go somewhere to receive it.

When the system credits the funds to recipients’ accounts, it will send a notification to their mobile devices. Once the transfer finishes, it will also send a notification to the senders.

What advantages does mobile money offer?A mobile money account is accessible to almost everyone with a smartphone. Since there are no banks in more rural areas of the world, its accessibility makes it quite helpful.

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What services are available on MoMo?

You may send money to any mobile phone in the nation, purchase airtime and internet, and settle payments all through your MoMo wallet.

How to transfer funds with a MoMo wallet

All you need is the recipient’s phone number to send money to a trader, friend, or member of your family using this wallet.

How to withdraw cash from your MoMo wallet

Visit a MoMo Agent to withdraw cash from your wallet. Our vast agent network of over 166,000 active agents and our digital partnership infrastructure guarantee that you will discover a MoMo Agent nearby!

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How to Activate your MTN MoMo Wallet Using USSD Code

To utilize MTN MOMO PSB, you must first activate your account by creating a wallet. It enables you to use your phone number to save, send, and receive money through a mobile money account.

These few steps will help you open a MoMo wallet:

  1. Dial *671#.
  2. To grant MOMO access, choose option 1.
  3. Type in your PIN, a four-digit code you must enter to access your wallet.
  4. Verify your PIN.
  5. Once you create your wallet, you will receive a confirmation.

Congratulations! You have now enabled your MTN MOMO PSB account.


In Nigeria, MTN MOMO PSB is a fantastic way to get access to financial services. You can use your current phone number to create a wallet, send and receive money, purchase airtime and data, and pay bills. It is quick, easy, safe, and reasonably priced. Additionally, it promotes digital and financial inclusivity in Nigeria.

All you have to do to begin using MTN MOMO PSB is dial *671# and follow the instructions. For further information, you can also visit the MOMO website or call *223# to find an agent in your area.

Dont pass up this chance to benefit from MTN MOMO PSB. Call *671# now to become a part of the MoMo community!

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