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 How To Change Npc Sexual Orientation In Sims 4

How To Change Npc Sexual Orientation Sims 4: The Sims 4’s game-changing free update releases have expanded the already expansive menu of customization possibilities by introducing intricate new layers. The EA team released the sexuality hotfix update along with the High School Years expansion pack, allowing you to determine your NPC crush’s sexual orientation and set your own Sim’s sexual orientation for the first time ever in Sims

How To Change Npc Sexual Orientation In Sims 4

Try to determine whether their interests align with your own before gathering the guts to approach someone. Here is a guide on how to take advantage of the sexual orientation system for realistic gaming. How To Earn In Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

FAQs & Answers

1, In Sims 4, how can you modify an object’s orientation?

Select the object you wish to place in Build Mode. Left-click and hold the item with the mouse. The period and comma keys can be used to rotate an item while it is being held down with the mouse. When the item is facing in the desired direction, release the left mouse button.

2, Why doesn’t the Sims 4 option for my sexual orientation appear?

After creation, you may alter any option’s gender or sexual orientation by visiting a mirror or dresser and using the alter Sim interaction there. This option might not be available to you because of a mod/CC conflict.

3, Can NPC Sims be edited?

Using testing hacks, you may change NPC Sims in your game and give them new looks. Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard will open a cheat window. Type testing cheats in the cheats box, then hit Enter. Enter once again after typing another cheat, cas. full edit mode, in the chat window. How To Improve Your Reading Skills(2023Guide)

What is sexual orientation Sims 4?

The Sims 4’s sexual orientation relates to a Sim’s romantic and sexual inclinations towards other Sims. Heterosexual, gay, and bisexual Sims exist. The Sim’s randomized traits and the player’s Sim interactions decide this preference. In The Sims 4, sexual orientation affects a Sim’s personality and relationships. How to Evolve Boldore (Pokemon Guide 2023)

How It Works

Create-A-Sim Sexual Orientation Settings

When adding a new Sim to the household, you may alter their gender and sexuality preferences in the gender panel to the left of the basic information window if you’re creating your Sims from scratch in the Create-A-Sim menu.

Three categories have been established for the preferences.

  • Romantic interests: This predicts the potential love interest for your Sim. Man or Woman are your choices, or you may uncheck both to make no choice.
  • Interests: WooHoo or Mess Around: This shows the potential partners your Sim will look at for a romantic connection. Man or Woman are your choices, or you may uncheck both to make no choice.
  • Exploration Options: This shows that your Sim is willing to explore their love interests. By checking the “no” box, they will gracefully turn down advances from Sims who don’t fit their romantic criteria.

How To Change A Sim’s Sexuality

You may modify your Sim’s preferences by clicking on a mirror and choosing “Change Sim” if you’re playing in Live Mode or if you decide to do so in the future, such as when a kid reaches adulthood or if you no longer want to explore your inclinations. How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone

By doing this, your Sim will be opened in Create-A-Sim, allowing you to easily modify the gender as needed.

You may download the LGBT Mod, though, to add some additional detail and realism to the Sims 4 sexuality options. With the help of this user-created mod, your Sim will be able to choose their own sexual orientation, with categories like lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, asexual, and more. How to Get Rare Pokemon Cards (2023 Guide)

Ask your Sims about their sexuality and let the game select. The patch allows sexual orientation inquiries. If you don’t actively modify your WooHoo and in-game romantic preferences to reflect your new sexuality, your lesbian Sim may fall for her male best buddy.

The mod may be used in conjunction with the in-game base functionality to give your Sims the more complete and fleshed-out LGBT existence they deserve!

 How To Change Npc Sexual Orientation In Sims 4

In The Sims 4, the sexual orientation of non-playable characters (NPCs) is determined by their randomized traits and the preferences of the game’s algorithm. However, there are a few ways you can potentially influence the sexual orientation of NPCs in your game: How To Earn Crypto For Free( Step by Step)

  1. Use the “Modify in CAS” cheat: You can use the cheat “cas. full edit mode” to enable full editing options for any Sim, including NPCs. To do this, first, press “Ctrl + Shift + C” to open the cheat console. Then, type “testingcheats true” and press enter. Next, type “cas. full edit mode” and press enter. Finally, shift-click on the NPC you want to edit, and select “Modify in CAS”. From there, you can change their appearance and traits, which may affect their sexual orientation.
  2. Use a mod: There are various mods available online that can change the sexual orientation of NPCs in the game. These mods can be found on websites like Mod The Sims or The Sims Resource.
  3. Build relationships with NPCs: By building relationships with NPCs, you can potentially influence their sexual orientation. For example, if you consistently flirt with an NPC of the same gender, they may become attracted to your Sim and develop a same-sex preference. Improving Your Gaming Skills in First-Person Shooter Games

It’s important to note that changing the sexual orientation of NPCs in the game may not always be successful, as it is ultimately determined by the game’s algorithms and randomized traits.


In summary, The Sims 4’s randomized qualities and algorithms will eventually determine whether or not an NPC’s sexual orientation may be changed. Nonetheless, there are ways to affect an NPC’s sexual orientation, such as the “Modify in CAS” cheat, a mod, or even just establishing rapport with the NPC. It’s worth noting that these techniques aren’t guaranteed to work and that the game’s algorithms are what will eventually decide the NPC’s sexuality.


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