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How to care for hair extensions (The Ultimate Guide)

How to care for hair extensions (The Ultimate Guide): In order to keep hair extensions looking and feeling good, maintenance is essential. Using a wide-tooth comb, begin by gently detangling them, working your way up from the tips. To keep them hydrated, use moisturising shampoos and conditioners without sulphates.

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Use a heat protectant when using heat tools and refrain from overdoing the styling. To avoid tangling, store extensions in a cool, dry location and think about wrapping or braiding them before bed. To prevent split ends, clip the ends frequently and keep them away from saltwater and chlorine.

How to care for hair extensions (All you need to know)

The Ultimate Guide on How to care for hair extensions

Your hair extensions can remain shiny and last longer if you take the right care of them. Here are some tips that will guide you;

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1. Comb through the hair

Every morning, brushing your hair extensions is just as necessary as brushing your teeth. To untangle hair without causing damage, use a soft bristle brush like the Carla Lawson brush. As with your natural hair, begin at the bottom and work your way up to the top regions after detangling the lower portion. Be careful when removing hair extensions since it can break them.

2. Wash with caution

Firstly, use a Carla Lawson bristle brush to untangle your hair before shampooing. Rather than tossing your hair up and washing it over the sink or tub, tilt your hair back in the shower. Use a high-quality, sulphate-free salon professional shampoo (we suggest the Oribe Gold Lust line of Carla Lawson Hair Extensions for sulphate-free shampoo and conditioning products). Go slowly! When shampooing, use a downward motion to wet your extensions bit by bit to minimise tangling, and then rinse them well.

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How to care for hair extensions (All you need to know)
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3. Feel Like A Pro

Use a nurturing leave-in conditioner as a follow-up, like the sulphate-free Oribe Gold Lust line. Apply it generously, massage it in with the same downward stroke, and gently brush out any tangles that remain. Applying too much nourishing product might make your extensions floppy and dull, which makes them tangle more readily and get dirty more quickly.

4. Allow Them To Air Dry

Heat treatments too intense are bad for both your natural hair and hair extensions. You should give your hair enough time to dry naturally whether or not you have extensions. Steer clear of sleeping with semi-wet hair since this might lead to knots and strange creases.

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5. Carefully blow dry

Dry your extensions and nearby hair with a low heat setting before styling and drying the remainder of your hair as normal. Hot styling equipment that is hotter than 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) should never be used.

How to care for hair extensions (All you need to know)
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6. Store With Care

When not in use, your wigs, clip-ins, and quick weaves should be lovingly stored. After giving them a thorough cleaning, conditioning, drying, and detangling, carefully arrange them in an airtight container large enough to hold them all without squishing!

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You need to follow a regular and delicate care regimen to keep your hair extensions looking beautiful and lasting. These actions, which range from carefully untangling to selecting the proper products and refraining from harmful techniques, all support the general health of your extensions. Don’t forget to handle chemicals with caution, store them correctly, and shield them from heat. A brilliant appearance is further ensured by routine trims and deep conditioning. You can benefit for an extended amount of time from beautiful, healthy hair extensions if you incorporate these methods into your regimen.

FAQs & Answers

1. How frequently should my hair extensions be washed?

Depending on usage, washing should be done every 15 to 20 wears. Shampoo and conditioner without sulphates will keep them clean without removing natural oils.

2. Can I style my extensions with heat tools?

Yes, but keep the heat exposure to a minimum to maintain the quality. To avoid damage, always apply a heat protectant and use a lower temperature setting.

3. I have hair extensions; can I swim?

Keep extensions away from saltwater and chlorine as these substances can harm the fibres. Tie them up if swimming is inevitable to reduce exposure.

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