Google criticises the rumoured iPhone15 redesign

Google criticises the rumoured iPhone15 redesign: Competitors of Apple have a history of mocking the firm in their own advertisements. From Samsung to Intel, a number of companies have succeeded in projecting a somewhat desperate image (or, in the case of the latter, resentment at being passed over for Apple’s own silicon). Google is the most recent to try, and it may succeed this time.

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The charging port on the iPhone 15 is the subject of one of the most frequent speculations. By all accounts, USB-C is eventually replacing the Lightning port, much to Apple’s dismay (the company has been heavily pressured by EU rules).

Google criticises the rumoured iPhone15 redesign

Since it might provide faster charging times and more interoperability with peripherals, users have been clamouring for this for years. In other words, it’s long overdue, and Google can’t help but emphasise this in the most recent advertisement for its Pixel devices.

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Fans appear to be enjoying the funny advertisements. “I never imagined that Pixels and iPhones could be the greatest of friends! This is very thrilling! Do not cease producing these!” One YouTuber makes a remark, and another says, “I’ve been a fan of this show since the start. They are roasting in an incredible way. Keep up the good work, Apple and Google.” According to Creative Bloq.

In fact, it appears like Google was among the first to properly propose the prank on Apple. Even if earlier attempts have turned out to be rather embarrassing. Because the phones are shown as best friends, the humour is lighthearted. And honestly, it’s about time the iPhone got USB-C.

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