CEO Of the Anti-Defamation League Replies To Elon Musk’s Threats

CEO Of the Anti-Defamation League Replies To Elon Musk’s Threats: Remember when we wrote about Elon Musk Threatening to to sue The Anti-Defamation league for Defamation? Well According to a statement from the ADL’s CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, Musk’s remarks are merely a “threat of a frivolous lawsuit.”

Musk’s “behaviour is not just alarming nor reckless,” he said, but rather “it is flat out dangerous and deeply irresponsible.”

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“Leaders who take responsibility must take the lead, refrain from inciting hatred, and retreat from the edge before it’s too late,” he continued.

CEO Of the Anti-Defamation League Replies To Elon Musk's Threats

X will bring a defamation lawsuit against the ADL, according to a series of tweets Musk sent on Monday. In one tweet, he said that the organisation “has been trying to kill this platform by falsely accusing it & me of being anti-Semitic.”

X’s US advertising income has decreased by 60%, according to Musk, who also said that this was “primarily due to pressure on advertisers by ADL.”

“To stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all,” reads the website of the American Dental Association, which was established in 1913. Hate speech on the network has surged after Musk’s $44 billion buyout in October 2022, according to the data.

Musk’s remarks followed Greenblatt’s tweet on a meeting he had with Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, during which he said that they had a “productive conversation” regarding the spread of hate speech on X.

Soon after, Musk even liked and supported a few of the tweets on the site that used the hashtag #BanTheADL. ADL has previously accused YouTuber Keith Woods of disseminating antisemitic information. In response, he said, “ADL has tried very hard to strangle X/Twitter.”

According to Greenblatt’s statement,

 “It is profoundly disturbing that Elon Musk spent the weekend engaging with a highly toxic, antisemitic campaign on his platform — a campaign started by an unrepentant bigot that then was heavily promoted by individuals such as white supremacist Nick Fuentes, Christian nationalist Andrew Torba, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and others.”

He added: “Finally, we saw the campaign manifest in the real world when masked men marched in Florida on Saturday brazenly waving flags adorned with swastikas and chanting ‘Ban the ADL.'”

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