Drake gives heartbroken fan $50,000 at Miami show

Drake gives heartbroken fan $50,000 at Miami show:  Canadian hip-hop artist Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by his stage as Drake, kindly gave $50,000 to a fan in tears after one of his Miami shows. Enoughinfo.com

Drake gives heartbroken fan $50,000 at Miami show

During his show in Miami’s Kaseya Centre, he made a touching gesture towards the audience. Drake was distracted by a fan in the audience who was holding up a sign.

He said: “I gotta read that sign; I like that sign.”

Drake, who is typically known for his generosity and concert giveaways to female fans, took an unusual turn by giving a male admirer a large item. Ghanas Former Minister of Youth and Sports Enoch Teye Mensah Has Passed Away

The fan’s sign disclosed a heartfelt tale:

“I spent all my money on concert tickets for me and my ex, but Nevermind, it’s really her loss.”

Drake was shocked that the fan’s girlfriend had not joined him at the concert.

“What the heck is wrong with her?” he joked. And you’re in here looking sharp with your gold chain and sunglasses on!”

Drake gives heartbroken fan $50,000 at Miami show
Drake gives heartbroken fan $50,000 at Miami show

The audience chanted, “Forget that girl!” as they joined in.

Drake responded: “Alright, that’s a bit aggressive, but you know what? She’s going to feel really regretful because tonight, I’m giving you $50,000 so you can show off and have an amazing night. This is your night, my man! And I won’t say it the way you all did, but forget that young lady.

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