Peña recently signed new deal until June 2026.

🔴 Barcelona trusts Iñaki Peña as a backup option after the Ter-Stegen injury.
He’s doing great and everyone in the club believes this is the best solution to cover Marc André’s absence.
Peña recently signed new deal until June 2026.
🔒 Peña recently signed a new deal until June 2026.

Given Marc-André ter Stegen’s chronic injury, several goalkeepers were certain to be connected to Barcelona. How to learn Spanish as an Adult (All you need to know)

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However, trust in Iñaki Peña should be maintained rather than signing someone quickly.

Despite his ups and downs over the years, the 24-year-old proved that he can turn things around when given a chance in the 1-0 victory against Atlético de Madrid. The management needs to have faith in him to keep building his self-assurance.

Peña was a young international for Spain and has experience being Galatasaray’s first choice while on loan. At twenty-four, he’s about the perfect age to take on what is undoubtedly his greatest task. How to Respond to an Introduction email (All you need to know)

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One may argue that Barcelona should sign a temporary replacement. The issue is that, since a backup keeper for a few months is unlikely to play, you would then need to locate someone willing to move and is also prepared to come for free or at a reduced price. It is not easily found.

Indeed, you would be glad to have another keeper in case something happened to Peña. However, there is little likelihood that he would sustain an injury before Ter Stegen returned. Even so, you could only press the panic button in those specific circumstances. Then it makes more sense to explore signing a player like Sergio Asenjo or De Gea.

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Barcelona also has Marc Vidal, 23, and Ander Astralaga, 19, at Barcelona Atlètic.

Peña has demonstrated enough to be granted the starting berth, at least temporarily, even though mistakes and bad days are expected. Barcelona would be well to search the market and consider their possibilities as the winter transfer window approaches. It would be especially beneficial to determine whether there is a less expensive substitute that may be used in the event that Vidal and Astralaga are unreliable as the #2 and #3 keepers. However, it makes the most sense to keep Peña and save the money.

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