I Once Played Football- Kim Kardarshian

I Once Played Football- Kim Kardarshian

I Once Played Football- Kim Kardarshian: Kim Kardashian, one of the most famous reality stars in the United States, recently admitted that she used to play football. EnoughInfo.com

I Once Played Football- Kim Kardarshian

According to her, she retired after six years of playing soccer, during which time she had positions including goalie and center forward.She admitted that despite her lack of skill, she enjoyed watching football.

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On Friday, Kim made this comment while standing on the sidelines of the Leagues Cup match between Inter Miami and Cruz Azul at the DRV PNK Stadium.

“I played soccer competitively for around five or six years. I played both goalie and center forward positions on the team. It makes me glad that my boy like it as well since it means that we can come here and hang out together. PSG Reveals Kylian Mbappe’s Price

“Because of how enthusiastic they are, I can’t help but get excited myself. According to Sportkeeda, she was reported as stating, “I’m happy to be here with Victoria and David and everyone else.

At Lionel Messi’s first game for his new Major League Soccer team, Inter Miami, a number of high-profile celebrities, including the reality star and her children, were in attendance to witness the match.


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