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China Sends Dozens Of Warplanes To Taiwan Before Anti-invasion Operations

China Sends Dozens Of Warplanes To Taiwan

China Sends Dozens Of Warplanes To Taiwan Before Anti-invasion Operations: According to Taiwan’s defense ministry on Saturday (July 22), China has dispatched dozens of military aircraft, including fighter jets, towards Taiwan’s direction.

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China Sends Dozens Of Warplanes To Taiwan Before Anti-invasion

This comes before the island’s annual Han Kuang exercise, which will take place the following week and during which Taipei’s soldiers will conduct battle preparation training for averting an invasion.

China Sends Dozens Of Warplanes To Taiwan

According to a statement from the Taiwanese defense ministry, between Friday morning and Saturday am (local time), the Chinese People’s Liberation Army dispatched 37 aircraft and seven navy vessels in the general direction of Taiwan.

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J-10, J-16, and H-6 bombers were among the airplanes, according to Taiwanese officials. According to the Taiwanese defense ministry, 22 of the almost 40 airplanes entered the island’s defense identification zone at its southern half or passed the midline of the Taiwan Strait, which serves as an unofficial border between the island and the mainland.

China Sends Dozens Of Warplanes To Taiwan Before Anti-invasion Operations

China’s increasing menace

China has rushed to put ships and warplanes near the democratically ruled island of Taiwan before next week’s annual Han Kuang drill, which is meant to safeguard it against a future invasion. Moreover, it follows Taiwan’s recently concluded Wan’an drills, which prepared islanders for natural disasters and air strikes by practicing evacuation procedures. How To Make The Most Of Your Time Between Jobs

The government of Taiwan vehemently rejects Beijing’s claims of sovereignty, arguing that only the 23 million residents of the island can determine their destiny. China has frequently claimed Taiwan as its own territory. Along with stepping up military operations in close proximity to the island, China has recently voiced its concern with Taiwan’s political actions.

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Earlier this year, Chinese military personnel conducted three days’ worth of drills in the Taiwan Strait. Hours after President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan returned from a trip to the United States, where she met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other legislators, the announcement of these drills was made.

Following the exercises, the Chinese military published a simulation film demonstrating how it might attack the self-governing island in full if conflict ever broke out. The footage appeared to show trajectory missiles touching down on Taiwan and the waterways around. PSG Reveals Kylian Mbappe’s Price

It also showed how the Chinese troops, which included military planes and naval ships, could carry out a coordinated assault.

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Similar to how Nancy Pelosi, then the speaker of the US House, visited Taiwan and launched missiles over the island, disrupting trade in the Taiwan Strait and forcing airplanes to reroute flights, Beijing too conducted extensive drills. I Once Played Football- Kim Kardarshian

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