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How To Unshrink Crocs( Step And Requirements)

How To Unshrink Crocs: Keeping your Crocs clean is simple and really comfy. They may shrink by several diameters when exposed to high temperatures, which is a significant issue. Don’t be alarmed if your Crocs are smaller! Your Crocs may be stretched in three different ways: by putting them in boiling water, drying them in the dryer, and using a hair dryer. Find out how to keep your favorite Crocs intact by reading on.

How To Unshrink Crocs
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FAQs & Answers

Is it safe to heat Crocs?

No, the crocs are not safe in the heat. However, you may utilize heat to your advantage. Heat is the best method to shrink or unshrink your Crocs. Enough Info

Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun?

When Croslite material comes into touch with heat, it transforms in size and shape. They shrink and lose their original form when exposed to the sun for many hours.

What happens if you put Crocs in the dryer?

They shrink when you dry them for a little period of time, but melt if you dry them for a long period of time.

How do unshrink slippers and flip-flops?

These two groups could also be able to grow. By employing the aforementioned techniques—hot water, cotton drier, or trying them with thin socks—you can unshrink slippers and flip-flops. However, you stretch them too much after heating them to the proper temperature. Additionally, it harms the feet.

Do crocs shrink?

Croslite, the material used to make Crocs, has a limited capacity to contract. Because of this, if you do not shield your Crocs from the extreme heat, they will shrink. They shrink when:

  • The glasses are shut as you put them in the moving automobile.
  • You expose them to intense sunlight.
  • They are cleaned in the dishwasher. How To Get Veiny Arms(2023Guide)

Crocs shrink when you don’t protect them from such circumstances. Afterward, you may ask whether it’s feasible to unshrink crocs and, if so, how.

Is it Possible to Unshrink Crocs?

An extremely adaptable substance is croslite. The primary factor in the croc’s appeal is its use of croslite, a material known for its strength and adaptability. After a while, they will naturally take the form of your foot if you wear them with thin socks. Crocs may therefore be made to stop shrinking.

In addition to being able to shrink, Croslite material may also be unshrunk by utilizing a variety of hacks. So you don’t have to discard your favorite Crocs because they are getting smaller or tighter.

How to unshrink crocs

Using Boiling Water

Bring a large pot of water to boil

Since Crocs are heat-sensitive—as you have discovered the hard way—heat may also be used to stretch out your footwear. Your Crocs will be pliable and simple to adjust since hot water softens the foam substance.

In the pot of boiling water, put your Crocs

Utilizing tongs to rotate and keep the shoes submerged, add the shoes to the saucepan. Make careful to thoroughly soak your clothes so they can spread out evenly. How To Dispose Of Helium Tank(2023)

  • Remove any crocs charms a.k.a (Jibbitz) before putting your Crocs in the hot water. You don’t want to endanger those cute little things.
  • You may soak one shoe at a time if both will not fit in the pot. Or you may gently pour hot water over your Crocs while they are in a strong plastic bag or pail.

Give your Crocs around five minutes to soak

Use the tongs to gently squeeze them. You can tell the heat is working if they feel less rigid and a little squishier. How To Spot A Fake DNA Test Results(2023 Tips)

Use tongs to remove your Crocs

To avoid creating a soggy mess, let the extra water trickle into the saucepan. Put your shoes down on the ground.

Put on some thick socks before slipping your feet into a pair of Crocs

Getting your feet in could need some work, but persevere! The foam needs to be stretchable and pliable. After that, go around for 20 minutes to let your shoes cool.

  • Put on two or three pairs of standard socks if you don’t have any thick socks.
  • To secure your shoes, put the straps below your heels.
  • Put your shoes on when they are warm but not quite burning hot. Even if you like your Crocs, your blistering feet are not worth it!
  • Try boiling the shoes again if they haven’t stretched out sufficiently. Find the ideal fit, it could take a few attempts. How To Stop Bleeding (2023 Home Remedies)

Using the Dryer

Crocs may be pliable by heating them in the dryer

Put two towels in the dryer with your Crocs after wetting them with water. Your Crocs won’t burn by making the foam more malleable by adding moist clothes.

For three to five minutes, run the dryer on low to medium heat

Check to see whether your Crocs are heated after wearing them for a while. Remove them if they feel toasted; if not, dry them for a few minutes longer. How To Dispose Of Helium Tank(2023)

Put on some heavy socks

You don’t want to burn your feet on the scorching shoes! After wriggling into your shoes, take a 20-minute stroll to let them cool.

  • Put on two or three pairs of standard socks if you don’t have any thick socks.
  • Put your shoes on when they are warm but not quite burning hot. Wait a bit longer if you find yourself yelling “ouch!”
  • In order to hold your shoes in place as they expand, position the straps below your heels.
  • Don’t worry if your shoes haven’t stretched out sufficiently. Just go on drying as before. Your Crocs may need to be stretched a few times to get the proper fit.

Using a Hair Dryer

For 3-5 minutes, use a hair dryer to provide heat

Put your Crocs down on the ground. Aiming at the inside of the shoe as well, point your hair dryer at one shoe and move it back and forth to soften the foam.

Put on some thick socks, then slip your foot into a pair of warm shoes

It’s OK if you can’t slip your foot in all the way just yet. As you slowly indent your foot into the shoe, keep heating it with the hair dryer. How To Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

Continue with your other shoe

Wear your gorgeously resized Crocs until they have totally cooled. Because the shoe molds to the form of your foot while it is heated, this process can provide you with a more customized fit.


Croslite is a quality material that is very expensive, comfortable, and versatile. Crocs shrink when they come into contact with high temperatures. If your crocs are too tight, then you have to avoid using them but not throw them in the garbage. If you can wait a long time, then try thin socks with them.

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