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How to Travel to Nauru (Visa on Arrival)

How to Travel to Nauru (Visa on Arrival): In the Pacific Ocean, there lies a little island republic called Nauru. Beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and a distinct culture are some of its best qualities. You should be aware that Nauru has a visa-on-arrival system if you are thinking about visiting; this means that you don’t need to apply for a visa in advance of your trip. EnoughInfo, com

How to Travel to Nauru

We’ll walk you through the steps of going to Nauru in this post, including what documentation you’ll need to carry, how to get a visa, and what to anticipate when you get there. This article will provide you with the knowledge you need, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, to make your trip to Nauru successful. How to Travel to Mauritius (Visa Free for 90 Days)

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FAQs & Answers

1, When do I Apply for a Nauru Visa?

In order to provide the necessary authorities enough time to complete your visa, the ideal time to apply for a Nauru visa is around one to two months before your intended trip.

2, Is Nauru a Safe Country to Visit?

Due to the absence of recent acts of terrorism and the low level of crime, Nauru is a reasonably safe nation. Although it lacks an army, it does have its own police force. Wild dogs may attack, therefore tourists should take care not to pet or even approach them. Water should only be consumed after being boiled since typhoid epidemics occur sometimes in Nauru.

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3, How Much Does a Nauru Visa Cost?

After a conventional or streamlined visa application process, a visa to Nauru costs $50 AUD for each applicant. Arrival visas are free. Another example is the $8000 AUD three-month visa fee for journalists covering the Nauru detention facility. Since the beginning of 2014, journalists have been subject to the charge.

Nauru’s visa requirements

Gather and submit the following papers:

  • Filled out the Nauru visa application form
  • Passport photocopy (valid for at least 3 months beyond intended stay)
  • Current passport photo with a white backdrop
  • Booking a hotel or receiving sponsorship from a Nauruan
  • A copy of each reservation for a flight to and from Nauru and other Pacific islands
  • Criminal History Report How to travel to Georgia (Visa on arrival)
  • Certificate of medical fitness
  • Work permit or employment certificate
  • Letter of invitation from a resident of Nauru (for Australian and New Zealand passports only)
  • International Certificate of Yellow Fever Immunization (if arriving from an infected area within 5 days)
  • Business visitors need a local sponsor.

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Visa Application Process

  • Send all supporting papers to through email.
  • With contact on Nauru, visa processes may be sped up and just take a month.
  • Your visa certificate will be emailed to you after it has been accepted; you must print it out in order to enter the country. How To Study Law In Ghana From Nigeria

Top tourist attractions in Nauru: Things to Do and See

  • The Nauru Phosphate Museum displays the history of phosphate mining on the island and its effects on the local economy.
  • With sweeping views of the island, the Command Ridge served as a key point during World War II.
  • The Nauru National Museum offers information about the history and culture of the island while showcasing customary objects.
  • The scenic Anibare Bay is a great place to go swimming, snorkeling, and fishing.

Nauru’s outdoor activities

  • Diving and snorkeling in the coral reefs that surround the island.
  • Hiking and discovering the island’s interior, which is surrounded by beautiful greenery and a diversity of bird species.
  • Fishing, which is possible off the coast or on a rental boat.
  • Beaches on the island are perfect for swimming and tanning.

Nauru’s cultural experiences

  • Visiting the Nauru Culture Center, which offers classes and performances of traditional dance.
  • Taking part in the annual Nauru Culture Festival, which showcases local cuisine, music, and dancing.
  • Meeting with elders in the community who may provide anecdotes and information about the history and culture of the island. How To Stop Lip Piercing Embedding(Step By Step Guide)
  • Discovering the ancient practices of the island, such as mat weaving and basket building.


The world’s least visited nation is Nauru. The Republic of Nauru, as it is officially known, is the second-smallest sovereign state in the world, after Vatican City, with a population of 11,200 and a 21 km2 territory. But, simply going to Nauru is a singular experience. Notwithstanding the challenges one may face while attempting to obtain a visa for Nauru, there are numerous reasons why people visit the island nation, including diving, scuba diving, and participating in game fishing. How To Clean Resin Molds(All You Need To Know)

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