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How To Sync Videos On TikTok(2023 Guide)

How To Sync Videos On TikTok: Have you ever wondered how TikTok videos sync? You have found the appropriate article, then. With only a few clicks, customers may choose a popular sound for a variety of films or photographs from their current collection using the Sound Sync tool. The program will then turn them into a finished film by automatically playing music! Enough Info

How To Sync Videos On TikTok: Have you ever wondered how TikTok videos sync? You have found the appropriate article, then.
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FAQs & Answers

1, Why am I unable to sync my videos to TikTok?

Open the Tik Tok app on your iOS or Android phone. The “Me” button will take you to your profile. Select Privacy & Settings by clicking on the three dots located in the upper right corner of your screen. To fix the Tik Tok audio and video out-of-sync problem, click on the Clear cache option.

2, Can you still auto-sync on TikTok?

Press the + symbol to begin adding a new video. After that, pick “upload” and all the clips you want to utilize. These might be videos you’ve downloaded from the internet or ones you’ve captured on your phone. The new clips will automatically sync to the music you choose as soon as you import them.

3, Why doesn’t the sound in my video match up?

Audio processing speed is the primary cause of audio and visual out of sync. Particularly when it comes to 4K movies, audio often processes a great deal quicker than visual. A video signal may take longer to process than an audio signal because high-resolution video files take up a lot of storage space.

The purpose of today’s helpful instruction is to describe how to sync videos to trending music or noises on TikTok. One brief point: You will need a video that has a specified minimum duration in order for it to be considered a viral piece of music. Let’s start! How To Put Echo Dot In Pairing Mode

How to Sync Videos on TikTok

Users’ first choice is the “Sound Sync” feature, which allows them to sync their video with sounds already on TikTok. Then, do the further actions listed below?

  • Start by opening the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Then, choose a video that is following a trend or using a sound that you want to include in your own.
  • Select “Use this sound” after selecting the sound at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, pick the movies you wish to include in the montage by tapping the Upload option.
  • Additionally, the software will let you know how many movies are needed exactly.
  • Tap Next after choosing your videos. How To Protect Your Children From Child Abuse
  • On the right side of the video, hit Adjust Clip.
  • After that, confirm that you have chosen the “Sound Sync” option.
  • Additionally, click Next. Now you may add more editing to your montage, such as text or filters.
  • When finished, hit Next one again to go to the ‘Post’ page and submit your movie there!

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How to Fix TikTok Audio and Video Out of Sync

You may get rid of any problems you have by synchronizing TikTok video to audio by carrying out these actions.

Relaunch the application: By relaunching the application, TikTok will be able to fix any faults and reload its resources.

Clear the app’s cache: A surplus of caches may result in latency or crashes. So it would be wise to try this way.

Restarting your phone: might help you resolve any transient problems, hiccups, and bugs.

Update or reinstall Tik Tok; Errors may occur as a result of faulty installation files or missing data.How To Get Pop-corn Kernel Out Of Throat

Check TikTok App Permission: To make sure TikTok functions as intended, make sure you have previously confirmed any particular rights.

Force stop the TikTok app: Forcefully ending your TikTok will assist with the app’s bug and problem fixes.

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How to Sync Videos and Pictures on TikTok

It’s a fantastic idea to combine videos and photographs in your TikTok videos to increase their appeal. However, you must make sure that both components are coordinated for a flawless display. Thankfully, the procedure is quite comparable to just synchronizing movies. Here is a how-to.

  • Launch the TikTok app and sign into your account first.
  • To access the camera area, press the plus “+” symbol.
  • Navigate to the Upload icon to access the gallery after that.
  • Choose the images and videos you want to use.
  • Once the images and videos have been uploaded, choose Next.
  • Tap the Adjust Clip icon in the right sidebar after that.
  • By changing the time bar, you may change the length of the films or the photographs.
  • TikTok will automatically sync your photographs, videos, and music, so don’t worry about it.
  • Simply click the Add Sound option in the top-right corner of the screen if you wish to modify the sound.
  • You have the ability to edit your video after pressing Save. How To Put Echo Dot In Pairing Mode


In conclusion, TikTok has revolutionized the short-form video industry with a number of cutting-edge features. You have the chance to participate in emerging trends by using this specific function and understanding how to sync videos on TikTok, which fosters a feeling of continuity and belonging.

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