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How To Study Law In Ghana From Nigeria

How To Study Law In Ghana From Nigeria: Several colleges in Ghana, West Africa, provide legal degrees to both indigenous and foreign students. The admission of international students from several institutions that grant legal degrees to both local and foreign students, including Nigerian, Togo, Benin Republic, and other countries, makes its universities some of the best in the area. Enough Info

In this post, we’ll offer you a ton of reasons why you should think about getting your legal degree from a university in Ghana. We’ll discuss things like benefits, costs, admissions standards, scholarship possibilities, and the length of the program.

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FAQs & Answers On How To Study Law In Ghana From Nigeria

1, Can a Nigerian study law in Ghana?

A campus in Ghana was created in 2013 and has since grown to more than 500 students, with over 100 graduates from our undergraduate and graduate programs in the last academic year. After completing their studies at Lancaster University Ghana, Nigerian students will now be entitled to enroll in law school.

2, What are the requirements to study law in Ghana?

In addition to any three elective topics, candidates for the WASSCE and SSSCE/GBCE must have at least credit passes (i.e., grades A1–C6 and A–D, respectively) in three core subjects: English language, mathematics, and integrated science/social studies. How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria As A Student

3, Does a Nigerian need a visa to study in Ghana?

Nigerians’ Education Requirements for Ghana. Due to Ghana’s policy of not requiring visas for short-term visits from nationals of ECOWAS, Nigerians are generally allowed to enter the country. But, if you stay more than three (3) months, you must get a student visa.

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Overview of the Course

A law degree gives you the chance to practice law and opens up new career prospects in both the public and private sectors. You might also become an authority by specializing in one of the legal fields. Due to the constant need for litigation matters, lawyers have been highly sought after.

An Overview of the Country (Advantages and Benefits of Studying Law in Ghana)

Ghana, a modest country in West Africa, has a higher educational level than its neighbors, making it a popular choice for students from the area who seek to pursue higher education. Consider studying in Ghana for the reasons listed below:  How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria As A Student

  • Ghana has tremendous options for higher education for a fraction of the price of western nations like the UK and the USA.
  • Accredited institutions in Ghana provide degrees in a variety of fields, including law.
  • Nigerians are especially welcome in Ghanaian society, which is also rich in important culture and traditions that visitors find appealing.
  • In comparison to Nigeria, Ghana has a somewhat higher level of life because of improved public infrastructure including safe roads and reliable energy.
  • Ghana is an inexpensive place to live and study, with a cost of living that is comparable to that of developed nations but with a far higher level of life than Nigeria.
  • All across the world, degrees earned from colleges in Ghana are recognized.

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Top Universities in Ghana to Study Law

Although Ghana is a small nation in West Africa, its superior higher education system rivals that of its larger neighbor, Nigeria. As a result, the majority of Nigerians travel there to fulfill their higher education demands. The universities where you may apply to study law in Ghana are listed below:

  • University of cape coast
  • Valley view university
  • University of Ghana
  • Kwame Nkrumah university

Admission requirements to study law in Ghana

You must have finished high school and have at least credits in the major arts disciplines in order to apply to study for a law degree in Ghana (English and mathematics inclusive). This will allow you to sit for an admission exam that the participating university will arrange.

Fee Requirements to Study Law in Ghana

Depending on the institution and whether it is a public or private university, different tuition rates apply. For undergraduate courses, you should budget between GHS 20,000 and GHS 70,000 (N1,495,650.04 and N5,234.775.13) annually. How To Stop Lip Piercing Embedding(Step By Step Guide)

Student Visa Requirement

Nigerian citizens do not need a visa to study in Ghana, but they must register with the local police when they arrive in the nation per the legislation. Further help in this area ought to be available from your university.

Scholarships Available To Study Law in Ghana

Ghanaian institutions provide financial aid to needy foreign students who want to enroll in their programs. Details on applying may be obtained on their websites and in the university newsletter, although it is completely based on merits.

Duration of Study

In Ghana, obtaining a law degree requires four years of study plus two more for law school. That’s six years altogether. How To Make The Best Out Of Binaural Beats


There are no pauses required when studying in Ghana due to the country’s well-recognized educational system. You will undoubtedly have an unusual student experience in Ghana, which is a lovely nation with lots of interesting sites to see.

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