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How to Study Computer Science in UAE from Nigeria

How to Study Computer Science in UAE from Nigeria: Most of the world may be aware of the United Arab Emirates as an oil-rich nation. Yet, it has made great strides recently in directing a large portion of the riches it has accrued from its oil revenues toward building a knowledge-based society and heavily funding its higher education. Enough Info

The government has prioritized funding for the nation’s computer science and IT research, and institutions in the kingdom currently grant degrees at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. The UAE has become a popular study-abroad destination thanks to advancements in robotics, informatics, artificial intelligence, programming, networking, and other areas of computer science. Universities are becoming research hubs for these fields. How To Stop Lip Piercing Embedding(Step By Step Guide)

A spot at one of the esteemed institutions in the United Arab Emirates can guarantee that you are well-prepared for a future as a computer scientist if you are considering where to apply for a degree in computer science.

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FAQs & Answers

Is Dubai Good to study computer science?

Graduates in computer science are hired despite several applications. For competent candidates, Dubai and the UAE offer a ton of IT opportunities. The IT sector is expanding quickly. One of the fastest-growing industries in the world is computer systems design and related services.

Is it cheap to study in UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, public colleges are permitted to set their own tuition rates. International students should budget between 5,000 and 27,650 EUR for tuition and fees per academic year. There are some less expensive and even free study programs available, but they are few and far between.

What is the BSC Computer Science salary in the UAE?

The typical income for an entry-level computer scientist (1-3 years of experience) is 236,718 dollars. The average pay for senior-level computer scientists (8+ years of experience) is 419,496.

Overview (Advantages and Benefits of Studying Computer Science in the UAE) (Advantages and Benefits of Studying Computer Science in the UAE)

  • A lively Arabian culture is available for exploration.
  • Nowadays, the nation is home to more than 1,000 international students.
  • You can pick from a variety of computer science subfields for your master’s degree.
  • The government has given computer science and IT education high emphasis.
  • As it is a tourist destination, there are many locations to see while here.
  • In universities in the UAE, instruction is conducted in English.
  • There are options for full- and part-time study.
  • Degrees that are recognized worldwide.

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Language of Instruction

In UAE universities, English is the primary language of instruction.

Best Universities for the Course

There are 116 universities in the nation, 3 of which are public universities, and roughly 30 of them are satellite campuses of Western universities, primarily from the US and UK, with the majority of them being in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The top 10 colleges in the UAE where you may study computer science are listed below:

Cost of Tuition

In the UAE, institutions often determine their own tuition rates, which may be highly expensive. For undergraduate computer science degrees, tuition costs can be as high as $8,000 to $10,000, while master’s degrees can cost anywhere from US$13,070 to a whopping US$32,670 each academic year.

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Admission Process

You must meet the following general entrance standards in order to enroll in a university in the United Arab Emirates:

  • For a computer science diploma or degree: a secondary school diploma (high school diploma) with good marks in the pertinent science areas (such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, or their international counterparts);
  • A bachelor’s degree in a comparable discipline, a resume, and a statement of intent are required for a master’s in computer science.
  • Your international passports’ data page
  • Passports photographs
  • Obtaining a TOEFL or IELTS certification as evidence of your English language competency (for those who wish to study in English)
  • Prepare for the admission exam because most institutions will need it.

Procedure for Student Visas

To study in the UAE as an international student, you will require a student visa, which you may apply for once you have been accepted. the necessary papers while applying for your student visa at the nearest UAE embassy in your place of residence: How To Clean Resin Molds(All you Need To Know)

  • A completed visa application form
  • Original passport, which must be valid for at least six months, and 12 passport photos, which should be photocopied.
  • Original transcripts and degrees, plus photocopies
  • Proof that you live in the UAE
  • Postgraduate students must provide documentation of an accredited degree.
  • A copy of the school’s receipt (or evidence of a scholarship)
  • When you arrive, you must go through a medical checkup to make sure you don’t have any contagious diseases. How To Study Computer Science In the USA From Nigeria
  • Health insurance
  • A recent three-month bank statement J
  • Two most recent passport-sized photos (with white background)
  • A letter of acceptance to a university in the UAE
  • (US$150) Visa application fee

Scholarships Available for the Course

Accessing scholarships at institutions in the UAE could be challenging. Instead, it is advised that you apply for scholarships from your native country’s government or other private organizations.

Duration of Study

In a UAE university, a computer science degree program normally lasts four years to complete. A master’s degree typically requires 1-2 years of study, but a doctoral degree often requires 3 or more years.


This degree will provide you with the ability to design and code programs that may be used across a wide range of corporate and industrial contexts if you are interested in comprehending, creating, and utilizing new computer-based technologies. You can pursue a profession as a developer of video games, a cyber security expert, an app developer, an entrepreneur, a cloud architect, and more.

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