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How to get a Narcissist Back (6 Effective tips)

How to get a Narcissist Back (6 Effective tips): Relationships should be approached with mutual respect and authenticity. It may not be possible to have a satisfying or healthy relationship by attempting to control or “get back” a narcissistic individual. In any relationship, think about emphasizing boundaries, communication, and personal development.

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6 Effective steps on how to get a Narcissist back

How to get a Narcissist Back (6 Effective tips)
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It can be helpful to seek expert guidance or support when handling a hazardous situation. You may make narcissists come crawling back, even though they are obstinate and seldom pursue in relationships. However, if you’re determined to try, consider the following steps:

1. Share Inspiring Photos on Social Media

It infuriates narcissists to see their victims pleased; they are incapable of handling it. When you were together, the narcissist made you miserable, and now that they’ve dumped you, they’re definitely not going to accept you being happy. The reason the narcissist dumped you so brutally was that they believed you were empty and had nothing more to offer.

  • From the narcissist’s perspective, you meant nothing at all. Thus, it will enrage the narcissist if they witness you leading a perfect life soon after they have broken up with you.

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2. When the narcissist calls, ignore them

Your narcissist will reach out to you now that you’ve created the conditions for their return. They will wait a few weeks after viewing the photo before getting in touch with you in order to avoid coming out as overly eager.
When they do, remain silent. The narcissist will become extremely irate if you ignore them. You’re excluding them while enjoying the time of your life! The narcissist is going to launch a full-scale cold war against you.They will attack you with all of their might, disguising it as affection. The narcissist will return to their tried-and-true methods. Before long, the love-bombing will start.

  • You’ll start getting cards for dinner, presents, flowers, and everything else that goes along with their approach. It is their ultimate goal to reduce you to the status of a peasant, therefore if you ignore the narcissist, they will likely make a strong effort to win you over.

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How to get a Narcissist Back (6 Effective tips)
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3. Take Down The Narcissist on Every Site

It is now necessary to advance this plan. The narcissist has reached out to you, so now the initiative is in your hands. The narcissist is aware of this, but they did not mean for things to remain this way; as soon as they enter your life, they want to take that ball back.
Block the narcissist on all channels; ensure that they are unable to contact you via phone, email, or social media.

  • Try to avoid any contact at all. Since they can no longer access you, the narcissist will realise you’ve blocked them and experience a panic episode. The narcissist will lose their mind and will stop at nothing to be close to you.
  • They will show up at your residence, place of employment, and parent’s home. They will try to get in touch with you by scurrying around like a headless chicken. After a few weeks of this, when you believe the timing is perfect, offer the narcissist a little leeway by answering their phone. You’ll be shocked at how desperate they are once they manage to get a hold of you.

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4. Take Up Your Own Work

The goal of the narcissist is to keep you as a terrified, insecure person who thinks you’re unworthy.
That’s how the narcissist wants you to stay, and that’s how you felt when you were together. They will want to get you off your high horse as soon as they realise you’ve escaped their bonds.
Launch a 30-day “get your body right” challenge, for example, and share your updates on social media. Posts about self-love, spiritual development, and personal development should be made in between.
The narcissist will not appreciate your newfound optimism and will have to find a way into your life to bring you back down to their level.

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5. Declare Clearly That the Relationship Is Ending

Inform the narcissist that the relationship is officially finished, regardless of who discarded whom.
They shouldn’t bother attempting to get back with you since you will never return. Send them an email or text instead of calling; they won’t respond. Sealing the relationship’s termination will make the narcissist angry.The narcissist will question if you intended to break up with them, but they got there first.
The narcissist will become obsessed with these notions and will stop at nothing to ensure it’s all in their head. This will provide them the opportunity to laugh at themselves until the very end.

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How to get a Narcissist Back (6 Effective tips)
Verywell Mind

6. Resuming Dating

Get yourself a new companion after notifying the narcissist that the relationship is officially over. Make sure they are a thousand times more attractive than the narcissist, please, then snap lots of pictures and share them on social media. Since they don’t ban their ex-partners, the narcissist will be able to view them and make sure they’re not doing well in life

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It is not a good idea to try to control or “get back” a narcissistic individual. Instead, give priority to developing yourself, having good communication, and setting up limits in your relationships. It is advised to seek expert guidance or help if the situation is toxic in order to take a more positive stance.

FAQs & Answers

1. When does the narcissist realise you’ve lost interest in them?

When a narcissist frequently notices a lack of interest, attention, or emotional response from that person, they may conclude that that person no longer cares about them. Because narcissists are highly perceptive of the attention and admiration they receive from others, they frequently detect changes in these domains.

2. If you ignore a narcissist, will they go away from you?

Things will easily get out of control, so watch out for that. For the most part, someone with NPD gets very frustrated (and scared) when they can’t control you and obtain what they want from you. If you ignore them long enough, they will usually give up and leave you alone.

3. When a narcissist finds out you’re leaving?

The narcissist becomes panicked when they realise you’re not coming back. They are now sorry for what was left behind, misplaced, and destroyed. You both understand that this was their fault. However, they now bear the burden of that guilt.

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