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How To Freeze Location And Find My Friends

How To Freeze Location And Find My Friends: The iPhone’s Locate My Friends feature might be helpful in an emergency or when you can’t find your phone. Nonetheless, there are situations when you may have privacy concerns and question how to disable Find My Friends. There are several approaches to accomplish this objective. Learn how to fake your location on computers and freeze locations on Find My Friends in this post. To view the specific steps for these techniques, continue reading.

How To Freeze Location And Find My Friends
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FAQs & Answers

How can Locate My Friends be disabled without alerting others?

Other family members in your sharing group will undoubtedly be aware if you disable the precise location feature or merely the tracking feature on Find My Friends. You may remove the app permanently to prevent ever letting them know; doing so will stop it from tracking your whereabouts. How To Be A Better Decision Maker (10 Good Tips)

Will others know that I fake the location?

It is exceedingly difficult to confirm that one’s position is accurate. Even if someone attempts to find you, it would be difficult and complicated to do so. Hence, in most cases, people cannot determine whether you are lying about where you are.

Can my iPhone be tracked after turning off the Find My Friends?

Your relatives and friends won’t be able to pinpoint your whereabouts if you switch off Locate My Friends. But, your phone’s location will still be monitored if you install other apps that contain a tracking feature. You may hit Never to disable the Location Service in the Settings app by going there.

How to Freeze Location on Find My Friends

1. Switch Your Location to a New Device

Open Find My on the new device

The radar symbol on the Find My app is blue and green. Using this technique, you may switch the device with which you share your position and still use your iPhone while the new device’s location is frozen. How To Grow As An Effective Leader(15 Good Strategies)

  • In addition to your iPhone, this technique requires another Apple product.

Tap Me

The Locate My app has a tab for this at the bottom. It has a circled person symbol.

Tap Use this [device] as My Location

Your default Find My Location setting will now be the new device as a result.

You may essentially freeze your location on Find My Friends if you keep the new device in one place.

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2. Turn On Airplane Mode

Open the Control Center

This technique activates Airplane Mode. When someone tries to access your location, they will only see the most recent update to your location and your last known position. Depending on your iPhone model, there are many ways to reach the Control Center:

  • iPhone X and later: swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and older models: slide up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Click the Airplane Mode button

It may be found in the top-left corner of the Control Center as the airplane symbol. If it’s on, it will turn orange. How To Overcome Pride( The Ultimate Guide 2023)

Disable Wi-Fi

To switch off your Wi-Fi if it’s active (the symbol is blue), press it. The Wi-Fi symbol should be gray with a line through it. Your current location is hidden!

  • It should be noted that updating your location on Locate My requires turning off Airplane mode or turning on Wi-Fi.

3. Turn off your iPhone

Keep holding down the power button

Using this technique totally shuts off your iPhone. When someone tries to access your location, they will only see the most recent update to your location and your last known position. Depending on the model, below are the steps to switch off your iPhone:

  • Press and hold the side button and either volume button while using FaceID.
  • Press and hold the side button while using the Home button.

The power Off slider should be moved to the right

Your iPhone will turn off and your current location will be frozen.

  • The next time you switch on your iPhone, your location will be updated in Find Me.

Using Google Maps

  • Open Google Maps on your phone.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner.
  • Select “Location sharing.”
  • Choose the time frame for how long you want to share your location (e.g., 1 hour, until you turn it off).
  • Tap on “Select People” and choose the friend(s) you want to share your location with.
  • Tap “Share” to send a link to your friend(s) via text, email, or another messaging app.
  • Your friend(s) can click on the link to see your location in real-time on Google Maps.


In conclusion, this post will teach you some fast techniques for freezing your location on Find My Friends, which will help you safeguard your privacy and prevent disclosing your real-time locations to unauthorized parties. How To Overcome Pride( The Ultimate Guide 2023)

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