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How To Fix A Sexless Marriage(Step by Step 2023)

How To Fix A Sexless Marriage: When you first met your lover, you were really passionate about them. Both an emotional and bodily manifestation of this occurred. You two were smitten with one another and couldn’t stop touching. When you were married, you thought everything was perfect. You could never have imagined yourself in a sexless union. But things are different now.

How To Fix A Sexless Marriage
Practical Intimacy

You’ve been accustomed to managing a non-sexual marriage over time. The situation has fizzled out. Even if the relationship is still intact, you no longer share the intimate moments that keep your love alive. Don’t accept a sexless relationship as the norm by being passive. You may learn to reconnect with your spouse and reignite the desire in addition to learning how to live a sexless marriage without straying.

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FAQs & Answers

How long do sexless marriages last?

If both partners are willing, a sexless marriage can endure a lifetime. As a result, many sexless marriages probably do endure a lifetime, since many couples fall into the trap of thinking that they are “normal.” Although though they occur often (10-20% of all marriages, according to various sources), sexless marriages in which at least one partner is dissatisfied are never typical. Instead of worrying about whether or not your sexless marriage will last, ask yourself if you really want it to.

Are you able to maintain fidelity in a sexless marriage?

Being true to one’s spouse is crucial to the success of any union. A lack of sexual activity in a marriage is no excuse for cheating. The temptation to stray is a sign of something deeper, something that can be healed if you put in the effort. Learn how to enhance your connection and reignite the passion in a marriage that has lost its sex spark. That way, you won’t even have a chance to consider going elsewhere.

Is marriage without sex grounds for divorce?

A sexless marriage may be grounds for an at-fault divorce, particularly if one spouse is purposefully withholding sex as a form of punishment or if one spouse wants to work on the problem while the other refuses to attend counseling. But, a sexless union may also act as the spark that helps a couple overcome significant communication gaps and rekindle their romance. Don’t you like to belong to the second category of couples?

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What causes a sexless relationship?

A sexless relationship is not something most partners actively seek out. It’s not uncommon for a relationship to lose its luster when the initial excitement of a new romance fades. Whether it’s long hours at work, money problems, or a new baby, it seems like there’s always something new that’s putting strain on your relationship. When months pass with no sign of romance, it might feel like you’re married to a complete stranger. How To Get Rid Of Mice( All You Need To Know 2023)

Physical and mental health problems might also contribute to a sexually inactive marriage. Several drugs, as well as mental health conditions like depression or stress, can have a negative impact on libido. It’s possible you’ll realize that your libidos were never compatible, to begin with, or that you just can’t seem to get “in the mood” for one other. And if you’re often fighting, you might not be in a particularly good mood.

What exactly is wrong with this picture of a loveless marriage? A lack of personal accountability is causing you to fail at living. You haven’t asked yourself what you could do to repair the problem, which is the first step toward solving it. The appropriate approach to developing new forms of closeness can help people of any age or health status get through difficult times together. Instead of asking how to make your sexless marriage work, ask yourself how to make your marriage flourish again. How To Deal With Anger( The Ultimate Guide)

How To Fix A Sexless Marriage

Decide when to speak

People quit having sex for a variety of reasons, including stress, sickness, performance anxiety, reduced libido, aging, menopause, and body insecurity. While it’s simple to let your sex life drift, broaching the issue may be challenging, so try to choose a time when you’re both calm and unlikely to be interrupted. But not when lying in bed and particularly not when attempting to convince your spouse to engage in sexual activity or when you are upset or annoyed because they aren’t interested.

Decide when to listen

Do your best not to be hurt by it. Don’t put words on their lips or presume they no longer like you. Listen to what is being said and how your spouse is feeling since it might be difficult to talk about without adding unnecessary emotional layers. It’s not really about you getting older, getting a little heavier, or not caring about your appearance.

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Be sincere with one another and with yourself

Have you both stopped trying? Do you take each other for granted and don’t even bother cleaning your teeth before rolling into bed in a dirty T-shirt? Nobody is advocating that you strive to be a supermodel or have a completely sculpted figure, but it will be difficult to convince others to love you if you don’t value your looks enough to take a little pride in them. Admitting that the additional two stones or the frequent farting in bed aren’t exactly what you signed up for could feel pretty shallow, but you can do it politely, especially if you acknowledge other areas where you are no longer the person they fell for. How To Succeed In College( All You Need to Know)

Determine if having sex is a deal-breaker for you both

Would you be prepared to forgo sex in favor of the “other stuff”? Relate’s study reveals that the value people place on sex declines with age and that some people are quite content without having sex in their marriage. Intimacy is frequently what matters most, but if it’s insufficient, let them know.

Be patient

If sex is a deal-breaker, the “keen” spouse must be patient while you and the blocker work through the issue. Also, now is not the moment to advocate an open relationship as a potential fix.

Drinking is not the solution

Indeed, but since the dawn of time, a leisurely supper and a casual conversation over a few glasses of wine have led to other things. How To Succeed In College( All You Need to Know)

Jointly seek assistance

Sex therapy can assist you in determining the root of the issue and can make you feel like you’re solving it together. Sex might first seem so effortless, natural, and thrilling that it can be a bit depressing to think that you may have to put some effort into it. But, the rewards can often be well worth the effort.

Be kind to each other

Make time for each other, go out together, and enjoy yourselves. The urge for sex frequently grows in intensity when both participants feel fully heard and understood.

Halt sexual activity

Many therapists frequently advise couples in sexless relationships to begin by removing any pressure from sexual activity. That may seem paradoxical, but imposing a temporary limit can reduce emotions of pressure to succeed, which increases the likelihood that you’ll unwind.

Little steps. Reestablish closeness gradually

When you leave for work, start with something simple like holding hands or kissing your lover on the cheek. Next, you can go to massages, snuggling, long kisses, close contact, and oral sex, but you should wait until you both feel ready to engage in full sexual activity. The goal behind this is to create a pressure-free environment where you may rediscover one another’s sensuous sides and heighten desire. It’s crucial that you communicate frequently about how you’re feeling and don’t pressure your spouse to go beyond what they are comfortable with.


You have evolved and changed from the individuals you were when we first met. This is not a problem. A sexless marriage can endure, but a happy, successful marriage embraces change and always finds new ways to improve the union. Your love life doesn’t now need the same things that it did when it first started. You may restore and maintain the sexual connection in your marriage as long as you’re prepared to be open and honest with your spouse.

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