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How To Clean Hoka Shoes(The Ultimate Guide)

How To Clean Hoka Shoes: If you enjoy wearing Hoka shoes, you are aware of how quickly they may become dirty. We’ll demonstrate how to quickly and simply clean your Hokas in this blog article. You’ll need a non-abrasive cleaning solution, a soft bristle brush, and water to wash a pair of Hoka sneakers. Remove the laces, insoles, and liners, wash them in the washing, then clean your shoes after removing all loose mud, dirt, and debris from them. Enough Info

How To Clean Hoka Shoes

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Hoka sneakers are much simpler to maintain than many other expensive pairs of footwear. Just follow these steps to restore your sneakers to like-new condition.

FAQs & Answers

1, How Are Hoka Suede Shoes Cleaned?

Start out by utilizing a mesh bag to clean your Hoka footwear. This will lessen the chance that the shoes may be harmed by extra water or cleaning agent. Warm water and a tiny bit of mild soap should be added to the bag. Gently swish the bag to produce suds. After that, clean the surface of the shoes with a soft-bristled brush to eliminate any dirt or debris. Lastly, give the shoes a last clean-water washing before letting them air dry.

2, Can you Machine Wash Your Hoka Shoes?

Never put your Hoka sneakers in the washer or dryer as this might distort the fabric and cause the sneaker to wear out more quickly and begin to come apart. To maintain the shoelaces, insoles, and liners clean and odor-free, you may wash them in the washing machine.

3, In the washing machine, do shoes shrink?

It’s a frequent myth that washing shoes in a washing machine would cause them to shrink. In actuality, shoes won’t shrink in the washer, but if they aren’t dried correctly, they might end up being deformed. The easiest technique to keep your shoes from shrinking or deforming is to air dry them. If you have to use a dryer to dry your shoes, make sure to use the lowest heat setting and take them out as soon as they are finished drying to avoid any damage. How To Unclog A Double Kitchen Sink

How to clean Hoka shoes

Materials you’ll need

  • a gentle cleaning solution (Dye-free shampoo or dish soap works best)
  • a toothbrush with gentle bristles
  • a bowl of water
  • a washcloth or towel

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Wipe off Debris

You must first remove the caked mud and filth from the shoe before you can scrub your shoes clean. This is simple to do by simply wiping it off with paper towels or a washcloth until all visible dirt has been removed.

Cleaning the insoles of your shoes or boots is also essential. Simply use some cold water, a scrub brush, or a rag to perform this cleaning operation. How To Test Alternator Without Multimeter(Tips)

Laces should be taken off and put in the soapy bowl of water

Remove the laces from your Hoka shoes and place them inside the shoe cleaner as the first step in cleaning them. By doing this, you can make sure that the laces are free of all mud and grime.

For around 20 minutes, soak the shoes in a solution of water and soap

A vital step in the cleaning procedure is to soak the shoes in a solution of water and soap. The following step will be made it easier to remove dirt and grime this step helps to loosen it. It’s crucial to use gentle soap and stay away from harsh chemicals. Additionally, it’s crucial to soak the shoes for around 20 minutes to give the soap time to do its job. It’s crucial to give the shoes a good cleaning with clean water after soaking them. This will assist in removing any leftover soap buildup and prepare the shoes for the subsequent phase of cleaning.

Use a brush or toothbrush to remove any stains or dirt

It’s time to clean the actual shoes now that the laces and any loose dirt have been taken off. The easiest method to accomplish this is to massage the cleaner into the cloth using a brush or toothbrush in circular movements. You might need to apply a bit extra elbow grease to remove stubborn stains.

Rinse the shoes with clean water, then let them air dry

Your Hoka shoes should be rinsed off with clean water before being dried by air in the last and most important cleaning process. Your shoes will look and smell better after this helps remove any remaining soap or cleanser. How To Wash Football Gloves( All You Need To Know)

Your Hoka Shoes Should Air Dry Overnight

Leaving a pair of Hoka shoes outside for a few hours indoors and letting them dry naturally is the safest approach to dry them. The materials can be softened and warped with a blow dryer or clothes dryer. To help the shoes dry faster, you can also place newspaper balls inside of them.

Enjoy your clean sneakers after re-tying the laces!

After thoroughly cleaning your Hoka shoes, it’s time to lace them back up and wear your fresh footwear. The shoes will dry more rapidly if you can if at all feasible, put them in a well-ventilated location. Until you’re ready to wear them again, you may keep them away after they are entirely dry.


It’s quite simple and easy to clean a pair of Hoka sneakers. You won’t ever have to worry about wearing unclean shoes again as long as you follow the instructions and wash them correctly.

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