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How To Blend In Procreate(All You Need To Know)

How To Blend In Procreate: Do you find it difficult to mix in Procreate? There are others besides you! It may be difficult to get your colors to merge well, and it may take some experience. I’ll guide you along the way with these 10 suggestions for strengthening your mixing skills. To see all the advice and methods in action, be sure to watch the video as

How To Blend In Procreate

FAQs & Answers

1. How does Procreate’s image blending work?

First, hit the double rectangle icon in the upper right corner of the Procreate interface to see the Layers Panel. You can see one or more letters on the right side of each layer. These inform you of the current Blend Mode for your layer. Normal mode is on by default, as indicated by the letter “N”.

2. What Procreate brushes should I use for blending?

The smudge tool is used for blending in Procreate. You may use it with any brush and alter the smudge setting on the brush.

3. In Procreate, how do you blend smoothly?

Using the smudge tool in Procreate is the simplest method for producing a mix effect. By pressing on the hand symbol in the upper right corner, you may change to this tool. Alternately, you may tap and hold to smudge with the brush you’re now holding. The smudge tool will blend the same no matter how you choose to use it.How To Change Layer Opacity In Procreate

How To Blend In Procreate

Keep your composure!

It is simpler to mix colors that are similar in value (how bright or dark the color is) and/or hue (what color the ehhh.. color is!). On the other hand, it may be quite difficult to combine colors that are wide apart on the color wheel. Try painting in the in-between colors to help bring the values and colors in your painting together if you want to simplify your (digital art) life.

Alternate your brush’s size

Don’t forget to change the size of your brush while combining colors in Procreate. Some places are better suited for blending with a large brush, while other parts need the use of a smaller brush. Making your blending brush huge is a wonderful option when you want a subtle gradient in a bigger region. A blending brush with a smaller size is needed for tiny areas and locations where you need to be cautious around the edges. Therefore, be careful to adjust your brush size to the blending condition!

Low-opacity brushes are used to blend

The ordinary brush tool may really be used to blend quite a bit more in Procreate than the smudge tool, which you may be accustomed to using. You may glaze the colors on top of one another to create a lovely mix if you set the opacity of your brush to pen pressure or a low opacity. In order to further integrate the colors, you might pick up mid-tones during glazing. How To Set And Achieve Meaningful Goals In Life

Various brushes provide various effects

It’s simple to blend using the Procreate basic brushes, but bear in mind that each brush has a somewhat distinct impact. For instance, the Gouache (under Artistic brushes), Bonobo Chalk (under Sketching brushes), and the Stucco brush are some of the common Procreate brushes that may be utilized (under Artistic brushes). The Bonobo Chalk and Stucco brush produces a more grainy appearance, but the gouache produces a smooth mix.11 Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes (Complete Guide)

Types of Brush

The kind of brush you choose will affect the texture of your blend whether using the smudge tool or blending with a brush. Before mixing, consider the brush selections to choose how you want your blend to appear. Try using any of the brushes under the Airbrushing area, for instance, to create softer blends resembling shadows. How To Season Cast Iron Without Oven

If you can’t find what you’re searching for, you can always make or add custom brushes in Procreate.

Smudge and drag

In Procreate, the smudge tool isn’t only helpful for blending colors; you can also use it to move colors about and, in a way, paint. You have excellent control while doing this by using the smudge tool. Dragging darker hues onto lighter regions and vice versa is possible. How To Increase Testosterone Naturally(A Complete Guide)

Using Gaussian blur to blend

Did you know that Gaussian blur may be used to mix areas? All you have to do is use the freehand selection option to create a selection and feather it slightly. You may now blur this selection using a Gaussian blur. Your selection’s only affected region will be obscured or mixed. How To Make $10000 With NFT Art( 2023 Update)

Eliminate the mud

Using the smudge tool might sometimes make your colors seem a little muddy, particularly in the shadow regions. I prefer to utilize the Overlay blending option to get rid of the sludge. Use an overlay brush or create a new layer set designated for overlaying. You may liven up the murky shadows and add some warmth to your painting by changing the hue to an orange, pink, or red tone and glazing over the troublesome regions.

The ideal moment to blend

The use of blending should be limited. In the midst of my painting process, I mostly mix. Build up the contour of your subject, add values, and build up the contrast in the initial stage of the painting process. You may begin merging sections after you have a reasonably good basis. You may save time by waiting to mix until you have a strong foundation.

Later on in the painting process, blending becomes less of a need. It would be unfortunate if you smudged the lovely texture you had established. Only minor portions will be blended using little brushes in the final step.

Tips for blending with selections

When blending, the selection tool may be quite useful. When a selection is active, just that region of the selection may be painted, erased, smudged, etc. You may use this! The region that requires blending may be chosen using the freehand selection tool. Now you can create clean gradients with a large blending brush without worrying about destroying the edges! How To Balance Work And Family(The Ultimate Guide)


An effective and well-liked program for creating art is called Procreate. The software has a ton of tools at your disposal to let you paint or draw anything your heart wants. To utilize these tools to their maximum advantage, you must first grasp how they operate in order to get your intended results.

There are various techniques to produce the effect of blending in Procreate since it may be something you want to do often while creating art. Therefore, you may test out some of the


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