Haaland Opens Up On Breaking Alan Shearer’s Record

Haaland Opens Up On Breaking Alan Shearer’s Record: Erling Haaland, a striker for Manchester City, has been candid about his hopes of surpassing Alan Shearer, the legendary player from Newcastle United, in terms of Premier League goals scored in the future.

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Haaland Opens Up On Breaking Alan Shearer's Record

Haaland signed a five-year contract to join Man City from Borussia Dortmund last summer.
With 36 goals in 35 Premier League games, the Norwegian surpassed the record for most goals scored in a single season.

Haaland surpassed the record of 34 goals held by Shearer and Andy Cole.

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When asked whether he will surpass Shearer’s 260-goal Premier League all-time record, Haaland responded as follows (via The Telegraph):

Haaland Opens Up On Breaking Alan Shearer’s Record

“How long is my contract? Three years and 10 months [left]? So, there is still time to do it, no?”

When asked if he meant that he could break the record in a shorter time frame, Haaland replied: “I didn’t say that! That is something you can’t think of. You have to think of the next game, the season and then these things come after a while.

“But if I will still be 15 years longer in England then why not? We will see.”
Meanwhile, among current players in the Premier League, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is the closest to Shearer’s record with 142 goals.

In the summer, Harry Kane, who was just 47 goals away, left Tottenham Hotspur to sign with Bayern Munich.

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