Don’t come to my bazaar if you won’t donate money – Father Mbaka

Don’t come to my bazaar if you won’t donate money – Father Mbaka:  Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, AMEN, has urged politicians not to attend his bazaar unless they are willing to contribute money.

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Don't come to my bazaar if you won't donate money - Father Mbaka
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This was mentioned by Mbaka in a video made at one of his church sessions.

In a veiled assault on the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, whom he called as a’stingy guy’ at last year’s bazaar, Mbaka said he didn’t want someone who would come to his market and refuse to break cola.

We stated that the statement about the’stingy guy’ was highly denounced by many Nigerians, particularly the Catholic Church authorities.

Following an instruction from the Catholic Bishop of Enugu diocese, Most Rev Callistus Onaga, Mbaka later apologised to Obi.

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However, it is clear that Mbaka was not pleased with the apologies.

Don’t come to my bazaar if you won’t donate money – Father Mbaka

He stated,

“On 12th November, we will have a bazaar. The agenda is mega wealth. Not meager, mega wealth.

“Everyone should go and prepare well for it. Save what you will use to show God appreciation. At least once in a year, you show appreciation to God.

“Come along with all our friends. Don’t come with someone who will be bad luck for us. Or someone who will come here to make trouble. Or someone who will come here that day and refuse to break cola.

“What we have that day is giving money to God. If you know you wouldn’t want to participate in it, don’t come.

“Bazaar has a spirit that accompanies it. When we see you, you will be given a microphone to come and kill a cow for God. It’s not an insult, it’s a …for God.

“But if you say no and would want to make trouble for us because you know the way to the Bishop’s house or anywhere else, you will only meet trouble at the end of it.

“I can’t understand how someone would come for a bazaar and refuse to break cola and a Rev Father would be asked to go and apologize to him. And it’s being told as a story. The one who’s right then becomes wrong and vice versa.

“Let it not happen again, because if someone tries it again, he will be forced to beg for food with empty plates in the street.

“Anyone that will put us in trouble again, there’s nothing he puts hand on that will progress. You don’t need to be told that God is in our midst here. So if any makes trouble with us, he’s finding God’s trouble.

“If you put your hands in whatever that will happen to me, you will be embarrassed. You may not know the one I’m worshipping but I know him.

“All the banks we have relationships with should come and do something for God in the bazaar. If they don’t come, it means they don’t want our relationship again. Yes, it’s business.

“We thank Fidelity and Zenith banks so far. They have been cooperating. Last year Fidelity bank broke cola with N5 million.

The Prado jeep I drive was given to me by the Zenith bank.”

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