Daniel Sturridge, Ex-Liverpool star wanted by the Police

Daniel Sturridge, Ex-Liverpool star wanted by the Police: An arrest warrant has been issued for Daniel Sturridge after he failed to appear in court in Los Angeles about money he allegedly owes a man who claims to have located his dog.

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Daniel Sturridge, Ex-Liverpool star wanted by the Police
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The former England striker announced a public reward offer for the safe return of his pet Pomeranian in July 2019, after news that the dog had been kidnapped from his Los Angeles residence.

Rapper Foster Washington, an American, filed a lawsuit after claiming credit for helping Sturridge get back in touch with his dog, Lucci, but not receiving the promised compensation.

The court ordered Sturridge to pay up, but the former Liverpool attacker has not done so. As a result, an arrest warrant has been issued for him.

Failed Promise

According to the Daily Mail, the rapper claims he never received the promised payment, prompting him to initiate a lawsuit against the England star.

As a consequence of a default judgement, Sturridge was ordered to pay Washington $30,000 (£24,400) in December 2021. No power, water or fuel to Gaza until hostages freed

The former Liverpool player did not respond to the complaint or the court’s ruling, and an arrest warrant was issued.

Last month, the Sky Sports pundit was brought back to court for a “debtor’s test,”. In which he was expected to answer questions regarding his money.

Following the first court judgement in December 2021, Sturridge discussed the topic on X, previously Twitter.

Daniel Sturridge, Ex-Liverpool star wanted by the Police
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Daniel Sturridge, Ex-Liverpool star wanted by the Police

He wrote,

“Just to let you know the truth at Christmas. I met a young boy who found my dog and paid him a reward, which he was delighted with, as was I to get my dog back because he was stolen.

“Other people are trying to benefit for their own personal gain. Thank you to the young boy once again. I’m very grateful Lucci is back with our family.”

However, Washington disclosed to Mail Sport that he had paid over $10,000 in legal fees.

He said, “For me, it’s a point of principle. He promised me the money. It’s a substantial amount of money that could change my family’s life.

“He thinks he is above the law. He thinks because he’s rich he doesn’t have to respond to what’s going on. That’s why I had to have the judge issue a warrant so he has to pay the money.”


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