Celine Dion Faces Muscle Control Struggles – Sister Opens Up

Celine Dion Faces Muscle Control Struggles – Sister Opens Up: The singer’s sister, Claudette, has given a somber update on her continued battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome.

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In a recent interview, she revealed that the multiple Grammy winner struggles to regulate certain muscular movements.

Celine Dion Faces Muscle Control Struggles - Sister Opens Up

“She’s working hard, but she doesn’t have control over her muscles. What breaks my heart is that she’s always been disciplined. She’s always worked hard. Our mother always told her, ‘You’re going to do it well, you’re going to do it properly.’ It’s true that in both our dreams and hers, the goal is to return to the stage. In what capacity? I don’t know,” she said.

One year has passed when Celine revealed she had been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome, an uncommon neurological condition that causes excruciating muscle spasms and stiffness and usually interferes with daily life for sufferers.

Celine Dion apologized to her fans for having to postpone her much awaited Courage World Tour indefinitely in May 2023 due to the illness.

In August 2023, Claudette gave a positive interview to Le Journal de Montréal regarding their ongoing search for effective cures for the illness.

In order to support Celine’s three sons, their sister Linda Dion moved into Celine’s house, according to Claudette. Celine is receiving treatment, going through rehabilitation, and recovering with the help of René-Charles, Eddy, Nelson, and their aunt.

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