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Breaking News: Pope Francis calls for global treaty to regulate AI

Breaking News: Pope Francis calls for global treaty to regulate AI: On Thursday, Pope Francis urged world leaders to enact a global agreement on artificial intelligence to guarantee that technology is applied morally.

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In a six-page letter sent prior to the Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace on January 1, which this year is centered around the theme of artificial intelligence, the 86-year-old pope made an appeal.

Francis cautioned that certain discoveries have the effect of “placing in human hands a vast array of options, some of which may pose a risk to our survival and endanger our common home,” even as he welcomed scientific and technological advancements that have lessened human suffering.

He emphasized the risks associated with AI, such as the spread of false information, meddling in political processes, and the ability to make judgments that muddy the lines of accountability for anything from social security benefits to weapon placement.

“In the quest for an absolute freedom, we risk falling into the spiral of a ‘technological dictatorship’,” he wrote in his piece.

He issued a warning, saying it is not reasonable to expect that people who create algorithms and digital technology wish to behave “ethically and responsibly.”

Breaking News: Pope Francis calls for global treaty to regulate AI

Rather, he advocated for a “binding international treaty” to control the advancement and application of AI in order to guard against harm and exchange best practices.

“Technological developments that do not lead to an improvement in the quality of life of all humanity, but on the contrary, aggravate inequalities and conflicts can never count as true progress,” he wrote.

Since the chatbotChatGPT, a mass-market entry point to generative AI, burst onto the scene in late 2022, worries about AI have grown.

While Chinese regulations particularly governing generative AI went into effect in August of this year, the European Union is now developing a comprehensive law encompassing the industry.

In October, US President Joe Biden also signed an executive order establishing AI safety guidelines.

A number of AI-generated pictures of Pope Francis have surfaced, one of which went viral and featured him in a big white puffer coat with a big crucifix draped over it.



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