10 Best ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

Increasing sales on Amazon

10 Best Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon. Looking for how to increase sales on Amazon? Well, you are in the right place. Today we’ll be looking at 10 best ways you can increase sales on Amazon.

Amazon has prospered for the past 25 years and amassed a sizable following of devoted customers. Amazon has a firm grip on the e-commerce market, with 9.1 million active Amazon sellers globally and an average of 66 thousand orders every day. In such a competitive climate, newer sellers may be asking how they may increase their sales on Amazon. More merchants are expanding their Amazon companies as their popularity soars. Now that it’s 2024, it’s time to start increasing your Amazon sales. And we’re here to offer you advice on how to increase the sales of your products on Amazon.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ways to increase sales on Amazon for you to explore, which will help your business excel.

10 Best Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

10 Best ways to Increase Sales on Amazon


  1. Conduct keyword research
    One of the most crucial strategies for reaching your target audiences is to use the proper keywords. The goal is to use keywords that are commonly used in product searches, but search engine optimization (SEO) is a continually evolving game. That means that once effective terms may no longer be so with today’s upgraded search engine algorithms. Customers’ search keywords fluctuate daily, influenced by seasonal, cultural, and economic reasons. As a result, it’s critical to keep up with the latest SEO trends and to cast a wide net when incorporating keywords for each product listing. Each product should be optimized with as many relevant keywords as possible – hundreds of them! This increases your chances of having your products discovered by customers, allowing you to sell more on Amazon. Amazon keyword research tools such as Helium 10, Seller App, Jungle Scout, and AMZ One can assist you by creating a list of similar keywords with search volume, competition level, and other important metrics, allowing you to choose the best keywords for your product listing.
  2. To increase your Amazon sales, use a repricing tool.
    Price is a major deciding factor for many clients when it comes to closing the deal and making a sale. As an Amazon seller, you want to make sure your products are priced competitively, but you also don’t want to lose your margin! This is when repricing software can come in handy. Repricing software automates the pricing process in real-time, ensuring your prices remain competitive and by market variations while increasing sales on Amazon. Repricing software also provides a plethora of customizable capabilities that allow you to set rates at optimal levels to assist in driving sales while maintaining profit. It’s worth giving it a shot to see how it can help boost your sales.
  3. Increase the Number of Advertising Channels

    Sponsored Ads are the way to go if you want to enhance your Amazon sales. Amazon Advertising’s year is 2023. Consider strategies other than keyword optimization to boost your Amazon visibility. A successful seller uses several PPC methods to balance automatic and manual marketing. When implemented correctly, Amazon advertising can assist you in converting at various points along the sales funnel.

4. Effective Inventory Management – Increasing the Value of Your Business

This is something we frequently discuss. Stocking up on inventory will help your organic rating on Amazon. Warehouse and inventory management has grown in importance and relevance in recent years. The number of warehouses in the United States has increased by 6.8% in the last five years (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Handling these tasks manually takes time and introduces problems. As a result, you must automate your duties with inventory management software. You may undoubtedly improve your operations and inventory efficiency with excellent inventory management software.

5. Maintain Your Competitive Advantage and Win the Buy Box

If you want to improve product sales on Amazon, you must first research your competitors’ techniques and exploit their flaws. With Amazon’s competition heating up, it’s difficult to keep ahead of the game. Although Amazon never discloses the exact criteria that impact Buy Box eligibility, it does take into account feedback from sellers and product reviews.
-A speedy and effective delivery system.
-Return rates and refunds.
-Inventory quantity.
-Most significantly, reasonable pricing.

Furthermore, for an Amazon seller, sales history plays a role in influencing Buy Box possibilities.

6. Use Amazon seller tools.

The best aspect about being an Amazon seller is that you are not on your own. There are various tools available to assist you in maximizing your business and making the most of your Amazon sales, whether third-party or FBA.

Many solutions are available on the market today that especially help Amazon sellers optimize their listings, prices, feedback, shipping, customer care, and even taxes. These products range from repricing tools to help desk software, review software, and even shipment aid.

There are numerous seller tools available, so it’s important to research your options and make an informed decision about which ones are best for your company. With the correct tools, you can develop your business faster than you ever imagined.

7. Amazon account health score.

The Amazon account health rating (AHR) is a new function that allows you to assess the health of your account based on its compliance with Amazon seller standards. It takes into account both bad and positive variables, such as the number of unresolved rule breaches on your account and how your account favorably improves the consumer experience through its selling operations.

Each account will be assigned a rating, which will be checked regularly as Amazon evaluates the performance of its merchants. If your account is performing poorly, you will be notified so that you can improve. A good AHR rating, on the other hand, will work in your favor, assuring buyers that they are doing business with a complying seller.

8. Concentrate on things that are already selling.

Most ambitious business owners want to experiment with new revenue streams, but it’s critical not to lose sight of what’s working now. By doubling down on the products that already create a consistent revenue stream for your Amazon store, you not only meet market demand but also ensure that you have the financial runway needed to take risks on inventive new products if necessary.

Every quarter, go over your financial documents and look at the things that are selling the best in your store. Consider how you can market these in the future with adverts, SEO keywords, and improved photos to optimize their selling potential in your online store.

9. Investigate your competitors
Maybe “spy” is an exaggeration, but profitable sellers are constantly on the lookout for what their competitors are doing. You must ensure that you are providing the appropriate inventory for your market at the appropriate rates. Repricing software will keep track of this for you, removing the guesswork from pricing at the appropriate levels. Using helpdesk reporting data can also help you obtain useful insights and comments from your clients, allowing you to better understand what they want and need. Acting on analytics-driven insights from easily digestible reports keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

10. Synchronize your inventory.

Inventory management can be a tricky balancing act. If you keep too much merchandise for too long, you’ll have to pay exorbitant storage fees. However, if you keep too little inventory, you risk losing important sales or perhaps clients owing to an inability to fulfill. Amazon may also penalize you if your inventory performance falls short of expectations.

Stock control is something that every seller must understand and be able to handle for maximum outcomes. Smart inventory management is an underutilized method for increasing Amazon sales and profit margins. Fortunately, there are tools available to assist. Investing in the correct tools and software can assist sellers in removing the stress associated with balancing supply and demand.


Overall, concentrating on these areas will not only enhance your Amazon sales but will also help you attain customer happiness. Small and medium-sized enterprises will get the most traction if they use technology to help them grow. This is crucial for Amazon sellers because the e-commerce sector is rapidly evolving.

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