Trump back on trial for defamation in sexual assault case

Trump back on trial for defamation in sexual assault case:  In a civil lawsuit where he was previously found guilty of sexually abusing and defaming writer E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump is scheduled to return to court in New York on Tuesday.

A jury found in May of last year that in 1996, Trump had sexually attacked her in a New York department store dressing room.

Her claim was deemed “a complete con job,” and she was given about $2 million for the attack and $3 million for defamation because to Trump’s 2022 remark.

How much Trump should be compelled to pay for various statements he made about Carroll in 2019 while serving as president will be the topic of Tuesday’s trial. She wants damages of $10 million.

Just one day after Trump’s historic victory in the Iowa caucuses, which marked the start of the Republican presidential nomination process, the second trial begins with jury selection, taking place ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

The overwhelming favorite to win the Republican nomination, Trump, announced last week that he intended to go in person and take on the 80-year-old Carroll. In the first trial, he didn’t act in this way.

According to US media, he is scheduled to attend Tuesday’s inaugural session before going to a New Hampshire campaign event.

In a letter submitted to the court, it is stated that Trump, 77, asked for a postponement so he could miss his mother-in-law Amalija Knavs’s funeral on Thursday in Florida.

Nonetheless, Judge Lewis Kaplan declined, citing Trump’s ongoing plans to meet with supporters in New Hampshire.

Trump back on trial for defamation in sexual assault case

The former president persisted in telling Carroll last week that “I never saw this woman in my life.”

Trump replied, “I have no idea who this woman is.” He has previously referred to her as “not my type,” “a wack job,” and a liar.

With Tuesday’s trial included, Trump is involved in at least six criminal and civil proceedings, two of which are related to his attempts to get his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden overturned.

Trump has delivered venomous speeches accusing judges and prosecutors of attempting to prevent him from winning a second term as president. He claims he is the victim of political persecution.

The judge ruled that the identities of the jurors would remain confidential due to the intense emotion surrounding Trump’s trials, which have resulted in death threats against court officials in his civil fraud case who he has publicly insulted.

Additionally, he forewarned that the only thing at stake would be the harm that Trump’s remarks—which Kaplan has already declared to be “defamatory,” “false,” and “malicious”—caused Carroll.

The judge has ruled that Trump is unable to present any proof to support his claims that he did not slander her or commit sexual assault.

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