Toyin Abraham Boasts about being the World best Actress

Toyin Abraham, a Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Boasts about being the World best Actress.

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In an interview with the creator of the skit, Bae U Barbi, she clarified that the term wasn’t her own, emphasizing that it was bestowed upon her by her fans.

She claimed that her acting and attractiveness are of the highest caliber, earning her the label of “world best.”

Toyin Said,

“I didn’t call myself [the world’s best actress], people called me word best because I am the world’s best.

“My confidence is top-notch, my beauty is top-notch, my brain is top-notch, my acting is top-notch. So, I am world best. I didn’t call myself, they [fans] called me and I claimed it.”

Toyin Abraham Boasts about being the World best Actress
New Telegraph

During the interview, the actress also acknowledged that women are given preference in the entertainment sector over men.

She claims that because they are “very emotional,” female entertainers are more successful than their male counterparts.

She went on to state that “Malaika, her most costly picture to date, was made after paying millions of dollars to include renowned actor Emeka Ike and other actors.

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