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Thousands or more Evacuated as Greece “at War” With Fire

Greece At War With Fire

Thousands or more Evacuated as Greece “at War” With Fire: On Monday, authorities forced about 2,500 people to leave the Greek island of Corfu as the prime minister issued a dire warning that the country was “at war” with a number of wildfires.

Thousands or more Evacuated as Greece at War With Fire

On the island of Rhodes, tens of thousands of people have already escaped fires, with many terrified tourists rushing to board evacuation aircraft to return home. A fire department spokesperson stated that from Sunday into Monday, over 2,400 tourists and residents were evacuated from the tourist island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea. He said that the evacuations were precautionary.

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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned that the country had “another three difficult days ahead” before the high temperatures are expected to break. “We are at war and are exclusively geared towards the fire front,” he said in a speech to parliament in Athens.

Authorities ordered people to evacuate hotels and houses as wind-whipped infernos burned through terrain parched by blazing heat. 2,466 people, mostly British villa owners, are said to have evacuated their homes in 17 villages along the northern coast of Corfu during the course of one night, while hundreds were compelled to leave towns on Evia. Cybersecurity Consulting and Its Importance in the Digital Age

The most recent evacuations took place days after what officials characterized as the largest evacuation in Greek history, during which 19,000 people, largely tourists, were transported to the island’s north by land and water, was prompted by impending infernos near vacation districts in the south-east of Rhodes. Tourists recalled the tense moments they experienced while being taken to beaches at the weekend in the middle of the night in army vehicles before being loaded into Greek naval ships.

More Heat than Expected

Many others complained about the bad service they received from “invisible” tour operators, despite shelling out hundreds of pounds to stay in luxurious hotels on the island. While the fires were clearly out of control throughout a wide portion of the island, several British holidaymakers were flown in by travel agencies as late as Saturday night.

At the weekend, temperatures in the central area of Thessaly, Greece, reached 45 degrees Celsius, the most they’ve been in 50 years. It has been said that the hot, dry, windy weather is “super food” for flames.

In the next days, government experts will travel into Rhodes and other fire-ravaged areas to estimate the cost of the tragedy and initiate compensation payments. The fire destroyed many houses, businesses, and agricultural land.

However, the focus has been on restoring Greece’s tourism appeal after the accident.

British tourists currently make up the majority of Greece’s visitors, and most of those evacuated from Rhodes hotels were British. Tourism accounts for 25% of the country’s GDP and one in five jobs, so Olga Kefalogianni, the tourism minister, stressed on Monday that fires on Corfu were not “alarming” and that Rhodes was “only a small part of the island” affected. Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha May Join Galatasaray On A Free Transfer

Greek army cargo planes flew camp mattresses, sleeping bags, and other essentials to Rhodes late Sunday in a massive military operation.

Thousands had to sleep outside at the island’s airport or in schools and conference halls over the weekend. “The hope is that what is being brought in will make life a little bit more comfortable for them before they go home,” one official said. Al Hilal Makes Record Offer of €300 Million For Kylian Mbappe

Many Rhodes citizens offered to house displaced families, according to stranded tourists.

Thousands or more Evacuated as Greece “at War” With Fire

Greece At War With Fire

Greek government sources reported 1,489 visitors from the UK, Germany, and Italy were deported by 6am on Monday, calming the islands. Jet2 added four Monday evening flights to bring Brits home.

Global firefighting troops are in Greece to help suppress the fires.

Greek officials, who ordered new evacuations of settlements on Rhodes late on Monday, voiced alarm at the speed with which fires were tearing through Evia, the nation’s third-largest island and the site of deadly forest fires in 2021. Elon Musk Unveils New ‘X’ logo- Replacing Blue bird symbol

Local media said that firefighters and a motley crew of volunteers sought “to create a dam” to halt the winddriven wildfire from creeping on settlements that survived similar fires two years before.


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