“They slept on me Ten times” – Travis Scott on Losing Grammy

“They slept on me Ten times” – Travis Scott on Losing Grammy: Travis Scott, a rapper from the United States, expressed disappointment at his lack of success at the Grammys.

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During his Sunday performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, the crooner of “Highest In The Room” bemoaned his constant loss during the event.

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"They slept on me Ten times" - Travis Scott on Losing Grammy

“They [the Recording Academy] slept on me ten times,” he rapped while singing his famous song ‘Fein’ on the Grammy stage.

Killer Mike’s ‘Michael’ won Best Rap Album at the 66th Grammy Awards, defeating Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’.

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Scott has officially lost all ten nominations at the Grammy.

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