Rest in peace Emeritus Prelate Sunday Mbang

The Methodist Church of Nigeria has announced that Prelate Sunday Mbang passed away earlier today. Sunday Coffie Mbang is a Nigerian who serves as the national president of the Christian Association of Nigeria as well as the patriarch/prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria.


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On August 26, 1936, Sunday Mbang was born in Idua Eket, Eket Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, Federal Republic of Nigeria.[1] He was born into a very poor household that was Christian.


Sunday Mbang attended the Effoi Group School, the Salvation Army School in Akai-Ubium, the Government School in Eket, the Methodist Boys’ High School in Oron, the Teacher’s College in Uzuakoli, the Trinity Theological College in Umuahia, the University of Ibadan, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, and Harvard University in the United States while pursuing his education. How To Make 100$ A Day( All You Need To Know)


In 1961, Sunday was ordained as a pastor. In Nigeria and abroad, he received theological study and instruction. In the Methodist Church of Nigeria, he was ordained as a pastor and minister of religion in 1962. He progressed through the ranks, becoming the Bishop of Tinubu in Lagos State in 1979 and later the Patriarch/Prelate, the administrative and pastoral head and leader of the entire Methodist Church family in Nigeria in 1984, a position he held for 22 years.

He held a variety of posts outside the Methodist Church of Nigeria for much of his career as a teacher, preacher, and pastor, including the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria. The Vice and Chairperson of the World Methodist Council for many years, as well as the Co-Chairman of the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council.


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