Muhammad Sanusi II (MSII) SDG Challenge: Cohort 3 For African Teachers

If they have innovative educational projects, all teachers in sub-Saharan Africa are encouraged to apply for this year’s MSII SDG Challenge. The Muhammad Sanusi II Sustainable Development Goals (MSII SDG) Initiative is responsible for this.

Muhammad Sanusi II SDG Challenge (Cohort 3) For African Teachers
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His Majesty In conjunction with 1 Million Teachers, Muhammad Sanusi II, the 14th Emir of Kano and a UN advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), introduced the annual MSII SDG Challenge in 2021.

The purpose of this challenge is to inspire and equip teachers to create cutting-edge community projects that prioritize SDGs 4 — Quality Education — and 5 — Gender Equality.

A nonprofit organization called the Muhammad Sanusi II Sustainable Development Goal (MSII SDG Challenge) Initiative, which collaborates with one million teachers, aims to increase teachers’ abilities to deliver inclusive learning experiences that inspire creative community educational initiatives.

Furthermore, to help instructors through the phases of ideation, project implementation, and scaling up, the MSII SDG Challenge focuses on social entrepreneurship principles and systems thinking. The MSII SDG Initiative works to advance SDGs 4 (excellent education) and then 5 (gender equality) through grassroots initiatives.

Again, the MSII SDG Challenge aims to increase children’s access to high-quality, secure education, particularly for girls who are at risk.

Application Deadline MSII SDG Challenge: May 21, 2023

Type: Challenge/Contest

Eligible Countries For MSII SDG Challenge: Sub-Saharan Africa

Award Value: Participants in the Challenge’s current phase, The MSII SDG Challenge Incubator, will receive up to $2,000 USD to support their creative educational projects. You’ll also have the option to pitch your project at the end of the incubator for a chance to win up to $10,000 USD and admission to our prestigious Accelerator Program.

Eligibility: This challenge is open to;

Finally, everywhere in sub-Saharan Africa where practicing teachers are based
any community initiative led by a teacher or teachers that improves education. Our goal is to analyze a wide range of projects, including both small-scale projects and those with the potential to grow.

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