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JUST IN: Qatari emir tells Israel ‘enough is enough’

JUST IN: Qatari emir tells Israel ‘enough is enough’: In reaction to the terror assault by armed Hamas terrorists in Israel more than two weeks ago, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar has asked Israel to cease its severe bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

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JUST IN: Qatari emir tells Israel ‘enough is enough’
The Times of Isreal

Speaking to Israel at the Shura Council’s inaugural meeting on Tuesday in Doha, the emir said, “Enough is enough.”

It is intolerable for Israel to be granted a “unconditional green light and a free licence to kill,” the emir declared, according to Qatari media.

He said that Israel’s “occupation, siege, and settlement” could not be ignored.

“In our time, cutting off access to water and withholding medicines and food as a weapon against an entire population should also not be allowed.”

JUST IN: Qatari emir tells Israel ‘enough is enough’
The Nations Newspaper

Although Qatar and Israel do not have official relations, Qatar maintains tight connections with the entity that rules the Gaza Strip.

During the Hamas raid on October 7, at than 200 individuals were taken, including residents from numerous countries.

Qatar aided in the freeing of four captives held by Hamas in Gaza.

In 1996, Israel established a commercial mission in Qatar, but the emirate eventually closed it.

However, during the FIFA World Cup, Qatar permitted direct flights from Israel. The Emir stated that the violence must end and that people must be spared the effects of military clashes.


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