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France Begins Evacuation Of Citizens From Niger Republic

France Begins Evacuation Of Citizens From Niger Republic: Following the removal of President Mohamed Bazoum by members of his presidential guard, the foreign ministry of France has announced that preparations are being made to evacuate French nationals currently residing in Niger.

France Begins Evacuation Of Citizens From Niger Republic

“Considering the situation in Niamey, the violence against our embassy the day before yesterday and the fact that the air space is shut and our citizens cannot leave by their own means,” the foreign ministry said, France is preparing to evacuate its citizens and other Europeans who want to leave.

It said, “The evacuation will begin today.”

There were less than 1,200 French nationals in Niger in 2022, according to the ministry’s website.

Additionally, the government of Italy announced on Tuesday that after the coup, it would organize a special flight to bring its citizens back to Italy. Rema- “I didn’t take life seriously until i lost my Dad.”

Antonio Tajani, the foreign minister, sent the following message on the messaging service X, formerly known as Twitter: “The Italian government has decided to offer our fellow citizens in Niamey the chance to leave the city on a special flight to Italy.” Chelsea enters the chase for Kylian Mbappe

France Begins Evacuation Of Citizens From Niger Republic

The expulsion of Bazoum on July 26 — the seventh military coup in West and Central Africa in less than three years — has shocked the continent.

The military governments of Burkina Faso and Mali have declared any external military aggression in Niger would be considered an act of war against them, but ECOWAS has sanctioned Niger and threatened to use force if Bazoum is not reinstated within a week.

On Sunday, coup sympathizers invaded the French embassy in Niamey, the capital of Niger, and burnt French flags. Following the incident, French President Emmanuel Macron promised a “swift and uncompromising response” to any attempts to harm French interests in Niger.

Although France has troops in the area assisting to combat armed groups for ten years, some people claim they want the former colonial power to quit meddling in their affairs. EPL- Man United To Decide Greenwood’s Future Ahead Of The New Premier League season

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