Breaking News: Woman stabs man dead over demand for more sex

Breaking News: Woman stabs man dead over demand for more sex: Sarah Nwankpo, age 26, is now detained by the Rivers State Criminal Investigation Department and is not to be disturbed. It was in connection with the killing of Igbodike Anthony, her male acquaintance, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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She acknowledged stabbing the dead in his Obiri-Ikwerre apartment after they got into a fight over having more sex.

She had secretly left her boyfriend’s house on December 22, 2023, to go to the deceased’s household, it was revealed during questioning.

Sarah, a 2016 graduate of Senior Secondary School 3 in Ezza South Local Government, Ebonyi State, left her birthplace in quest of better opportunities.

As far as can be determined, the incident happened four months after she came to Port Harcourt. She said that calls to visit the deceased had been upsetting her.

Breaking News: Woman stabs man dead over demand for more sex
The Nation Newspaper

She said: “I met him (late Igbodike ) in 2017, in Enugu. When I left my hometown, I went to Enugu where I had two children for a man. I left Enugu for Port Harcourt in August 2023.

“In Port Harcourt, I started dating a man, Joe Ibanga. But I always received calls from Anthony, inviting me to come visit him. Sometimes he sent me money for transport. But I declined because of my relationship with Ibanga.

“On December 22, 2023, he called again and invited me to come over to his place.

“I took an Okada (commercial motorbike) from my residence in Aluu, to meet with Anthony at Kilimanjaro, by Choba junction. He paid the okada rider N500.”

She added that she went with him to give his employees their December income.

Continuing, she said: “Thereafter, he took me out for shopping on groceries. We went to his apartment at Mercy-land extension, Obiri-Ikwerre. He told me to prepare a meal for him. He had his shower, ate and we had sex. We recorded the sessions for keeps.”

During discussion, she said when she opened up on her affairs with Ibanga, “he laughed at the idea of me dealing with the challenges of raising children and struggling with a relationship that was not financially rewarding.

He offered to help me out of poverty if I discontinued my relationship with Ibanga and married him instead.

He assured me he would offer me a job in his establishment in January 2024 and that he would make me a Manager at his firm. I agreed to visit him again after a week so that we could begin plans to live our lives together.”

But she said that after a few minutes, her desire to set up a tent with Anthony faded, which made her declare that she was going to be leaving his house that night.

She said: “When I informed him about the sudden change in feeling, he suggested we go to a club and buy shawarma. But I refused, insisting that I wanted to go home.

“After much persuasion from him to spend the night with him, I agreed. I put on one of his pairs of shorts and a shirt and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for us.

“When he finished eating, he told me to caress him. I obliged but later opted out when he demanded sex. I told him I was no longer comfortable.

“My rejection provoked him. He told me to dress up and leave his house. By then it was 10 p.m. I refused to leave and stood up to challenge him. A verbal war ensued.

“He slapped me. I reacted and a fight ensued. He locked the door, picked up a walking cane and threatened to beat me with it.

“In my confused state, I dialed my boyfriend’s number (Ibanga) and tried to explain to him what was happening and begged him to come for my help. But he hung up and never called back.

“Anthony held me as I tried to open the door. I screamed for help, but no one heard me let alone to rescue me. During the fight, he dropped the walking cane. I reached out for it and noticed that it had a detachable holding head.

“I quickly detached the head and saw that a dagger was attached to it. As he charged at me, I stabbed him with the dagger,” she said.

The building’s owner and his family were informed as she attempted to leave the flat while also fumbling to get free of his hold on her head. It was reported that they set off the alarm, waking up the other inmates.

Tenants heard the suspect making phone calls while the dead victim was being rushed to the hospital. They took her phone away and imprisoned her in the victim’s apartment until a police squad showed up at around one in the morning on December 23, 2023.

When the suspect learned of Igbodike’s passing, she was taken into jail.

It was also reported that the deceased’s widow went to the State CID to get an explanation for her husband’s death.

In response to the event, Rivers State Police Command Commissioner of Police CP Olatunji Disu advised prudence and moderation in all interpersonal interactions.

This serves as a reminder that using violence is never the solution and can have disastrous effects on all parties involved, the speaker stated. This case is still being looked into.


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